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Live Toys

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  1. Vitoria says:

    I’m not a mom of many (yet!), but my oedslt child is 26 months and our second is 4 1/2 months. During my first pregnancy, I gained 50 pounds and I still had over 25 of that left when I got pregnant with #2. I was still nursing when I became pregnant, and I think that combined with much healthier eating and exercise during pregnancy helped me gain only 20 pounds this time around (and I still birthed a 9lb., 5oz. baby it obviously didn’t hurt him any!). I started Weight Watchers online when he was a couple months old and I’ve lost 15 pounds and am at my lowest point since some point during my first pregnancy. It works really well, and I love the flexibility. We tend to eat a more whole foods/Weston A. Price diet, and I love that I can incorporate the healthy fats we enjoy and stay within my points. ) (And, the occasional bowl of ice cream doesn’t keep me from losing weight bonus!)[]

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