10 Best Tips For A Healthy Pregnancy Weight

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The moment you announce you’re pregnant, people start giving you food to eat and a chair to sit in. You have an excuse to bulk up! But capping weight gain at 35 pounds (25 if you start out overweight) is best for you and your child: A baby born to a woman who gains too much is 48 percent more likely to be overweight by age 7, says an American Journal of Clinical Nutrition study. Need inspiration? Read these stories from real moms!

1.Live and Learn. It took me a year to lose the 53 pounds I gained in my first pregnancy. This time, I decided to control my weight before the baby was born. I snack on fruit, veggies, and protein bars, and I don’t drink soda. I hope to gain only 27 pounds.”

2.Chat ‘n’ Chew. I found an online support group for women who want to exercise and eat right while pregnant. It’s motivating to know that others still work out. We post what we eat, good or bad, every day. It keeps us accountable and reminds me that not everyone eats junk food during pregnancy.”

3.Keep Count. To get my extra 300 daily calories in a healthy way, I add 150 calories to each of my two daily snacks. One ounce of cheese (100 calories), a scoop of all-natural peanut butter (a rounded tablespoon is 150 calories), veggies or a few pieces of fruit, and I’m good.”

4.Go Nuts. Nuts are a great source of heart-healthy fat, but the calories add up quickly. Pistachios are the ‘skinny’ nut, and they’re packed with folic acid. You can have 30 for just 100 calories. Plus, shelling the pistachios makes them a mindful snack. You eat more slowly, and that pile of shells is a reminder of just how much you have eaten.”

5.Be Pro-Protein.When you sense that yawning, hollow feeling in your stomach, sprinkle Parmesan on your salads, vegetables, or popcorn. Put cottage cheese in your salad. Grab a cheese stick. Protein helps you feel full faster.”

6.Know Your Numbers. “I weighed myself daily to stay on target. I didn’t want to suffer shock at the doctor’s! I was aware of my weight without being obsessed.”

7.Keep Moving. “If you were a runner before you were pregnant, it’s okay to still run. In fact, during my first pregnancy, I ran until I was 32 weeks along. However, jogging can be pretty darn uncomfortable because you have all this pressure on your bladder and you have to pee all the time. Remember that you can get the same benefits from walking briskly as from running slowly. My advice is just to do what feels comfortable to you.”

8.Play Mental Games. “Early in your pregnancy, develop a vivid mental picture of your healthy pregnant body at nine months. If you keep this image in mind, you’ll be far less likely to eat enough for three people. You will not want to ruin that healthy body. This visual image motivates your subconscious, helping you make good decisions.”

9.Rethink Things. “I had to adapt to different types of exercise. At 24 weeks my physician suggested I switch from running to using an elliptical machine to reduce knee stress, help with balance issues, and keep me from overheating. At 32 weeks, I was diagnosed with Preeclampsia but was still able to continue with yoga and walking. Being flexible about the exercise I did helped me continue to work out throughout my entire pregnancy.”

10.Enjoy Nature’s Candy. “If you”re craving something sweet, nosh on healthy vegetables. Carrots, beets, and butternut squash can all be wonderfully sweet yet good for you, too. Sweet potatoes always do the trick for me! I often eat one with a dash of cinnamon and a drizzle of agave nectar for dessert.”

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