10 Best Ways To Cut The Cost Of The Wedding

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Summer season of weddings came into its own. A few tips to help make the holiday less expensive or to cut the wedding cost.

1. Discuss with your loved ones:

What is he waiting for the wedding? Maybe he wants a quiet, modest ceremony, and you – a magnificent triumph. We need to find a compromise. Set your focus, you may prefer to arrange a wedding in nature, instead of renting an expensive restaurant, but spend more on their honeymoon – the choice is yours only!

2. Make a budget and stick to it.

On the Internet you can find a special “wedding calculators” to help you calculate the cost of the celebration almost to the penny. Having the total amount may be very effective at reducing it.

3. Save paper.

Why throw away thousands of rubles for mailing envelopes with wedding invitations to glamorous forms? You can use e-mail or ordinary cards without envelopes that you provide personally into the hands of friends and family.

4. Play the wedding day and night go on a honeymoon.

This is a nice savings if your budget is very limited.

5. The cost of wedding dresses to control the most difficult.

But today it is actually set a custom wedding dress at an affordable price, the main thing – do not be lazy to look. You can take a dress to rent or find it on the forum.

6. Check the guest list.

You should not call on your holiday dozens strangers to let them show off. If they do not really close to you people, it does not produce the desired effect.

7. Wedding Locations – a very important point.

It is best to choose one that will require for your wedding minor changes. Then you do not have to invest huge money in the decor. If you’re having an outdoor wedding, you might also want to get a large wedding marquee gold coast.

8. Feel free to haggle

you can reduce the price of hall rental and limousine for refreshments and drinks. Just do not be afraid to negotiate!

9. Choose the right wedding flowers

It is best to opt for seasonal flowers in your area, rather than those that grow in greenhouses or are imported from afar. In summer the choice of colors is so great and your wedding flowers will look magnificent!

10. Find the right wedding photographer.

In the Internet there are sites and professional portfolio is a different level. Choose from those who specialize in wedding photo shoots – so you do not buy a pig in a poke. If you ask for, you can find a good combination of price and quality.

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