10 Best Ways To Relieve Postpartum Backache

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Welcome back, backache. If you’re like nearly half of all newly delivered moms, your old pal from pregnancy has returned for an unwelcome visit. Some of the pain still has the same cause—hormonally loosened ligaments that haven’t yet tightened up. It may take time, and several weeks of soreness, before these ligaments regain their strength. Ditto for the stretched out and weakened abdominal muscles that altered your posture during pregnancy, putting strain on your back. And of course, now that you’ve got a baby around, there’s another reason for that pain in your back: all that lifting, bending, rocking, feeding, and toting you’re doing. Especially as that cute little load you’re carrying around gets bigger and heavier, your back will be up against growing stress and strain.

While time heals most things, including those postpartum aches and pains, there are other ways to get your back back on track:

1.Tone that tummy. Ease into some undemanding exercise, like pelvic tilts, that will strengthen the muscles that support your back.

2.Mend when your bend. And lift. Give your back a break by bending from your knees to pick up that dropped diaper or lift that baby.

3.Don’t be a slouch on the couch. When feeding your baby, don’t slump over  (as tempting as that might be, given your state of exhaustion). Your back will thank you if it’s well supported (using pillows, armrests, or whatever else lets you sit pretty).

4.Get off your feet. Sure, you’re running (and rocking) all the time, but whenever you don’t have to, take a seat. When you have to stand, placing one foot on a low stool will take some pressure off your lower back.

5.Watch your posture. Listen to your mom, Mom—and stand up straight, even when you’re swaying from side to side. Slouched shoulders result in an aching back. As your baby gets bigger, avoid resting that growing weight on one hip, which will throw your back off further, plus lead to hip pain.

6.Put your feet up. Who deserves to put their feet up more that you? Plus, elevating your feet slightly when sitting—and baby feeding—will ease the strain on your back.

7.Wear your baby. Instead of always holding your baby, wear him or her in a baby carrier or a sling. Not only will it be soothing to baby, it’ll be soothing to your achy back and arms.

8.Pull a switch. Many moms play favorites with their arms, always carrying (or bottle feeding) their baby in one arm or the other. Instead, alternate arms so they each get a workout (and your body doesn’t get a lopsided ache).

9.Rub it. A professional massage, if you can spare the time and the change, is definitely what your muscles are aching for. But in a pinch, ask your spouse to step in and rub.

10.Turn up the heat. A heating pad can spell relief from back pain and muscle aches. Apply it often, especially during those marathon feeding sessions.

As your body adjusts to pumping baby, you’ll probably find that pain in your back (and arms, and hips, and neck) diminishing, and you may even find yourself, sporting some brand-new triceps. In the meantime, here’s something else that might help ease your aches by easing your load: Empty that diaper bag. Lug around only what you absolutely need, which is plenty heavy anyway.

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