10 Effective ways To Get Rid Of Acne

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Inflammation on the skin did not spoil the life of one teenager. However, if the acne does not disappear after graduation, it is even more difficult to treat. Here are 11 effective ways to treat this problem at any age.

1. Pick cosmetics based on skin type

The most common mistake in taking care of yourself – do not use makeup of your skin type. Here’s what’s important to know:For dry skin, choose a cream cleansers without soap and moisturizer with Trehalose. As a means of rejuvenating a day use the serum with retinol or kinetin.For oily skin, choose washing gel with salicylic acid. With oily luster cope lotion-free oils. Once a week, use exfoliating with glycolic acid.For the combined type of care needed by foam or mousse for oily skin. Apply a light moisturizer for the T-zone and a denser texture – on dry land. To remove makeup from sensitive skin lotion is suitable. To care – moisturizer with hyaluronic acid or shea butter. All funds must be free of perfumes.

2. Do not overdo it with beauty-tools

If your bedside table, a shelf in the bathroom and refrigerator are full of makeup, you either beauty editor, beauty, or victimization. Adding beauty to your diet new tools, most do not check whether the components are duplicated, and don’t think about compatibility. Sometimes the active ingredients balance each other, but they sometimes cause skin damage or irritation. Dermatologists do not recommend the simultaneous use of funds and after-sun creams for the treatment of adult acne: their components are compatible with each other. Also, use at different times of the day with retinol, glycolic acid, vitamin C and benzoyl peroxide.

3. Makeup removal is required before going to bed

It should be a time before going to bed too lazy to remove the makeup from face, and next morning the skin pores clogged and respond with new pimples, especially if you apply to combination or oily type. Since during sleep the body temperature rises a little, the skin absorbs more active that you previously inflicted on her. Night Cream? Fine. Remaining in the morning concealer? In any case.

4. Cleanse the skin without fanaticism

While clean pores feel great, too frequent use of peeling increases the sebaceous glands and bacteria. Use mechanical scrubs once a week, home-enzyme peels can be done every two days.

5. Treat adult acne correctly

Acne at different ages require different approaches. Teenage acne caused by a surge of sex hormones and excessive sebum production department. Adult acne (after 30 years) appears due to stress, hormonal changes, but also because the skin with each passing year becomes more gentle. Therefore, mature personages, doctors recommend a means for washing, which are composed of salicylic acid or sulfur (anti-acne) and soybean extract (moisturizing). Change the beauty-product with 5-10% benzoyl peroxide to those where this component is less than 2.5%. Too much prevents the penetration of benzoyl peroxide in the skin of other useful components. You can also use vegan acne pads, which are safe and effective for all skin types.

6. Wash your brushes for cosmetics

Applying makeup brushes dirty over time leads to bacterial infections, clogged pores and acne. Wash your hands dry texture with a special liquid or shampoo once a week for oily – every day. Another option: Clinique The Brush Collection with an antimicrobial coating, they must be cleaned once a month. Apply makeup with clean fingers.

7. Use disposable towels

If your skin is prone to acne, wiping your face with paper towels. Unlike reusable textiles, they do not accumulate bacteria. For this reason, every day I pillowcase on the pillow.

8. Eat right

A study conducted by an official publication of the American Academy of Dermatology found that people who replace fatty foods in protein foods and whole grains, suffered less inflammation of the skin. The fact is that foods with high glycemic index raise blood sugar levels, causing insulin shock. Insulin stimulates androgens (hormones responsible for the production of sebum). Reduce consumption of junk food, but rather discard it in favor of nuts and avocados. After six weeks you will notice a positive outcome.

9. Go to bed early

Lack of sleep is reflected not only in the body in general, but specifically in the skin. Fatigue and stress can aggravate skin conditions including acne, eczema and psoriasis. Yes, and just make a dull complexion and unhealthy, rewarding bruising and swelling around the eyes.

10. Talk Less on the phone

Give your cheeks and chin rest from the phone, contaminated with bacteria and germs. The constant chatter can cause fever, due to which a person blush. If you’re talking can not be cut, buy a wireless headset.

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