10 Most Eligible Bachelors Of The World

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A good marriage –  the dream of millions of girls. But for some the question “Who?” not worth it. Of course, for the most titled, rich and famous!  We prepared a list of the most desirable suitors from around the world, and also talked about where to find eligible bachelors and how to conquer his heart.

1. Alexander Ovechkin

Who: the legend of hockey in his 25 years, Alexander Ovechkin play sports, “real men” from 16 years. During his nine-year professional career Russians did the impossible: got a record 13-year contract with the team , “Washington Capitals” ($ 124 million), most points scored and goals and was among the best players of the decade according to the NHL . Ovechkin state according to Forbes – $ 12 million.

In the past, a player the capital club “Dinamo” , Ovechkin now shines in America, where many fans are affectionately known Russian hero Alexander the Great or Ovie.

Where to find: nearly two-meter broad Ovechkin more than five years resident in

How to conquer his heart seems to be surrounded by the beauties of the Western Alexander not to boredom. But the patriot Ovechkin said that only marry Russian girl. So you have the opportunity to take the coveted place of the best Russian hockey player’s wife today. The main thing – do not forget about the explosive nature, as well as learn to understand the good cars and hockey sticks.

2. Alexey Kiselev

Who: “son of a journalist Yevgeny Kiselev , ” the 27-year-old Alexis is no longer relevant – even though he and his son, but quite a successful and independent. Behind Kiseleva – 11 years of study and career development in the favorite city of the Russian oligarchs, London. Conflicting reports about his personal life Alexis only heat up interest in one of the most eligible bachelor in Moscow.

Kiselev, Jr. is the founder of fashion brand with a telling name Kisa , which he created with his ex-wife, Maya.

Where to find: the time in the life of London Kiselev passed – now a young man has been active social life in Moscow. Alexis noticed at parties organized by fashionable glossy magazines, on the discoveries of restaurants and pubs. If you can imagine yourself in the heart of bohemian party – ahead to conquer the hearts of prospective groom!

How to conquer his heart: a stylish and well-educated young man, of course, presents to his future companion considerable. All at a top level education, manners, appearance and style. But some specific recommendations to conquer the hearts Kiselyov is impossible to give – in fact the identity of the girls have not been disclosed, therefore, conclude that the preferences of Alexei’s almost impossible.

3. Justin Timberlake

Who: singer, songwriter, dancer, actor and winner of the hearts of Cameron Diaz ( Cameron Diaz) , Jessica Biel (Jessica Biel) and Britney Spears (Britney Spears) . Justin Timberlake (Justin Timberlake) by 30 years has evolved from a promising artist ” Club Mickey Mouse ” in a rich, stylish, talented, popular and still a lonely man. Reassuring one – Timberlake likes to be in the long and strong relationship. Fleeting romance with Justin happen, but it is more the exception than the rule.

Where to find: Justin need to look at the center of the loudest and brightest events of the world of show business. But in order to get into the social circle Timberlake, to be world stars. Usually the girl access to the starry body of the singer is booked.

How to conquer his heart: the path to the heart is through his mother Timberlake stars. Everyone knows the anxious attitude to Justin Lynn, who once did not approve of his son’s friendship with Britney Spears and support Cameron Diaz . Charm strict parent only by a true lady.

4. Timur Batrutdinov’

Who: The last kaveenschik, a resident of the project “Comedy Club” , an actor and television personality. Batrutdinov Timur – one of the last comedians, “Comedy Club”, has not yet tied the knot. Timur 33 years, he has known all over the country a sense of humor, going through the roof level of charm and charisma. In 2009, Batrutdinov ahead of his colleagues in the comic shop and became the most beloved resident «Comedy».

Where to find: Timur was born in the Podolsk district near Moscow, the Russian capital and he loves all from his heart. So the fan of bright talent Batrutdinova can hope for a random encounter with an idol on the streets. By the way, recently Timur seriously intended to marry and even visited the popular show channel 1 “Let’s get married” . For the young man’s heart once fought three girls, one of which was lead singer of “Factory” Alexander Saveliev . But even after the show, Timur left alone.

How to conquer his heart: Timur – a good economist with a higher profile formation, and therefore the chosen one is looking for a diploma. And of course, a great sense of humor and charm – are indispensable features of Batrutdinova’s life partner.

5. Marat Safin

Who: the most titled Russian tennis player, former world number one player, now 31-year-old Marat Safin is going to run for deputy from the party “United Russia” , is vice president of the Russian Tennis Federation and welcome the groom to all the girls in the country and the world.

Marat’s Career was swift and successful. Finished career path in 2009, he continues to act as demonstration events. In addition to the successful athletic destiny, Marat boasts possession of three languages ​​- Tatar, English and Spanish, and his sister Dinara, who is also the award-winning tennis player.

Where to find: home now tennis is not dusty, Moscow, and the legendary Monte Carlo in the principality of Monaco. Search Marat in the famous casino does not make sense – the athlete is living alone, sharing life with her ​​mother and sister. However, if fans do not have the opportunity to visit Monaco, wait for Safin in Moscow: the young man begins a parliamentary career, and catch him somewhere near the State Duma will soon not be a problem.

How to conquer his heart: this is the main mystery of all brides. Safin tried to conquer the Dasha Zhukova , the current girlfriend of Roman Abramovich , a former soloist with “VIA Gra” Meseda Bagaudinova and Nastya Osipova from “brilliant” . But the result of one – titled tennis player still on the list of most desirable suitors around the world.

6. Boris Yeltsin

Who: The grandson of the first President of the Russian Federation, social lion, a spendthrift, a dandy and a lover of beautiful women. Boris 30 years, but except for entertainment, parties and posh life Yeltsin thinks nothing. His marriage is waiting for all high-ranking family, including the famous Naina Yeltsin Josephovna, grandmother of Boris.

But in my personal life Yeltsin Jr. – this cycle of events. One after the other girls follow each other. The beloved Boris visited participant controversial show “Behind Glass” Jeanne Agagisheva , granddaughter of the poet Rasul Gamzatov Shahri Amirkhanova and rich bride Margaret Annaberdieva . Now the heart of a young rake free.

Where to find: Yeltsin should look at social events and get-togethers. Boris does not miss a single loud premiere, opening, or presentation. Everywhere, wherever there are young people, surrounded by the enthusiastic attention of girls. High brunette, Yeltsin can impress the opposite sex.

How to conquer his heart: to become the wife of Boris Yeltsin, Jr. – the cherished dream of many girls, but apparently, potential brides do not realize what kind of “treasure” they will get. In the secular parties, Yeltsin has a reputation moody, spoiled and narcissistic handsome, accustomed to the constant female attention and adoration. To become a companion of Boris, you have to be brilliant and irresistible beauty with iron nerves and calm character.

7. Prince Harry

Who: ginger Prince of Wales, needs no introduction, the 26-year-old Harry ( Prince Harry ) is recognized world opinion one of the most wealthy, charming and desirable bachelors. Famous origins, violent youth with scandals and the title of Captain Army Air Corps. After the wedding, his brother William ( Prince William) to Kate Middleton (Kate Middleton) took over as Britain’s beloved husband.

Harry has long met with Chelsea Davy, the daughter of a successful entrepreneur from South Africa. A couple times, and parted again converge, the final break came a year ago, in the summer of 2010. Despite the end of the novel Chelsea was invited to the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton in April 2011.

Where to find: Prince of Wales, as it should, live in England. Chosen a military career and received several medals and the rank of Captain Harry prefers London to other cities in the world. Despite the title of Prince, a young man loves to party, so catch him in a dance in a posh London club – not a problem for those who like young people with royal blood.

How to conquer his heart  fan of Harry and his heart is freed to learn to ride and give money to third world countries, participating in charitable activities. After all, the prince, despite the title of the bully and blackguard, continues the work of his mother Princess Diana ( Princess Diana) , actively help developing nations.

8. Prince Carl Philip

Who: The crown prince of the Swedish throne (after his sister, Victoria) and handsome. Carl Philip ( Philip Carl) 32 years, his military career – a role model and hobby worthy men of royal blood. Prince is in the list of most eligible young brides and grooms of royal personages.

Karl Philip huge – even for a prince – the number of awards. He is five orders of knights and Grand Officer of the Order of the Five Star.

Where to find: Carl Philip has traveled all over Sweden in search of adventure and knowledge. Carried away by sports in the fresh air, the prince appears frequently on the world ski resorts, and participates in international races and the royal hunt. Favorite city a young man – Helsinki and Stockholm. In general, it is worth noting the love of Prince of Scandinavia, with its harsh climate and tough nature.

How to conquer his heart:  Any girl, calculated on the account of Carl Philip, is obliged to get involved in a truly royal classes. Prince appreciates the creative bride, since he is the holder of a diploma in art photography. Also, a young man fond of shooting documentaries and traveling.

9. Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum

Who: The son of the ruler of the emirate of Dubai , a graduate of the London School of Economics, military, and simply gorgeous man. Eastern beauty Hamdan attracts the attention of journalists and hunters for the rich suitors from around the world. If we talk about the state of the young sheik ( Al Maktoum 29 years), there are more than fine – heir to the throne has $ 18 billion.

Where to find: Sheikh Hamdan, is already employed in all matters of state, almost no leaves from Dubai, doing the internal politics of the state. Catch him on vacation in Europe, perhaps – that is where the young heir tries to spend his spare time.

How to conquer his heart, eastern Prince prefers low-key and modest girls. That’s natural modesty and humility – the main features of the Arab faithful wife. But the hunter rich suitors have to be careful – for angelic exterior is a rigid and strict requirements for a future spouse.

10. George Clooney

Who: The legendary bachelor, a Hollywood actor, screenwriter, director. George Clooney ( George Clooney) 50 years, and his marriage to Hollywood star hills community has been waiting for over 10 years. Clooney became famous in the second half of the 90’s, when the band released the television series “ER” . Following the TV show came painting “From Dusk Till Dawn” , which finally turned George into a celebrity world scale.

Clooney – confirmed loner, not officially recognize the marriage and having children. George made ​​a choice after the family failed to actress Talia Balzac in 1989. Since then, many of his colleagues were arguing with the actor, that before his fortieth Clooney will have time to get married and have a baby.

More recently, Clooney broke up with another common-law wife Elisabetta Canalis ( Elisabetta Canalis) . As they say close to the star, he was not upset and continues to enjoy life.

Where to find: find the problem will not make George – actor lives in Hollywood, as well as a real estate throughout the United States. Search Clooney best at the film set, where he spends most of his time.

How to conquer his heart: if the search for Lovelace are all more or less clear, with his conquest of the problems arise even in the most fabulous beauty and clear heads. For many years, the actor is a fan of the ideology of childfree (voluntary childlessness) and recognize only civil marriages. Despite loving, George feels very alone, preferring to give his heart to an animal. For example, Clooney recently lost his beloved pet, who eclipsed him for all the bridesmaids. Hog Max died at the hands of the actor at the age of 18 years.

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