10 Places To Make A Wish

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Even the biggest skeptics throw a coin into the fountain and make a wish, standing on a mark of zero kilometer, while no one sees. Places that can make the dream a reality, are scattered all over the world. They are overgrown with legends and have become tourist and family attractions, and sometimes actually help someone to fulfill their dream. Carefully examining the map of the world, Here chose 10 places to ask for financial prosperity, health, and even love.

1. Delhi pillar (New Delhi, India)

2. Erawan Altar Bangkok (Bangkok, Thailand)

3. Money oak (Marie island, Scotland)

4. Al Koutoubia Mosque (Marrakesh, Morocco)

5. Zodiacal area (Jaffa, Israel)

6. Statue of Juliet (Verona, Italy)

7. Suzhou Bridges (Hainan, China)

8. Well of Death (Chichen Itza, Mexico)

9. Suyumbike Tower (Kazan, Tatarstan)

10. Menhirs (Republic of Khakassia, Russia)

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