10 Secrets Of The Oral Contraceptive

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About General of contraceptives as a method of protection from unwanted pregnancy are inferior in popularity except condoms. Few people know that when COCs there are some secrets that will help not only to avoid unwanted pregnancies, but also to have healthy children later. Do you believe in chance? Can one awkward moment all your life turn upside down?

Everything goes Topsy-turvy: collapsing a prestigious career, abandoned, study, family problems, love does not seem to last forever. Lost sleep and appetite, and his head is only one question: “What do you do?”. The whole reason – this is the case: an unplanned, and even worse, an unwanted pregnancy!

Yes, the situation in general, trivial. And you read, answer indignantly, “it was necessary to protect themselves!”. We have a weapon against such an event – contraception in all its diversity. And every modern woman should know what suits her best.

We have reserved a few secrets that will help gain confidence and harmony in the family.

Thus, we will focus on the combined oral contraceptive (COC).

Each tablet contains COCs synthetic analogs of two female hormones: estrogen and progesterone. The combination of these hormones is provided in different directions and reliable protection against pregnancy:

  • Under the action of COCs is suppressed ovulation. That is, the hormones are safe guarded in the ovaries of the egg, not allowing them to grow and go out for fertilization.
  • There is a concentration of mucus in the cervix. Thick mucus plug all month hold back the tide of sperm and prevents them from entry into the uterus.
  • Changing the endometrium – mucous membrane lining the inside cavity of the uterus. If fertilization still occurred, granulated fertilized egg – instead of a soft, rich in blood vessels, “feather” – falls on the rough, not properly prepared surface.

Under such conditions, implantation and further development of the pregnancy is impossible. Thus, the COC to protect our bodies on three lines.

Secret 1. Reliability

The reliability of COCs against each sterilization and intrauterine contraception. And at the same fertility (ability to conceive, carry and give birth to a child’s grade) is restored within 1-12 months after stopping treatment.If pregnancy occurred immediately after the abolition of COCs or in patients receiving (a missed pill, etc.), it has no effect on pregnancy and health of the unborn child.

Secret 2. Cons oral contraception

At HEC, like any drug, there are side effects. The degree of severity depends on the individual. The most common ones are nausea, vomiting, headaches, irritability, soreness and roughness breasts, spotting and breakthrough bleeding from the vagina, swelling, change in appetite, etc.

As a rule, these manifestations resolve within the first 3 months of COC. At this time the body gets used to like the new operation. If at the expiration of 3 months of no improvement, you should think about changing to another contraceptive, with less estrogen.

Secret 3. Therapeutic effects of COCs

COCs have not only contraceptives but also therapeutic effects. On the background of declining excess oiliness of the skin, constrict the pores, is acne, seborrhea, slowing the growth of body hair and face.

In addition, many women like that in the COC increases and becomes more elastic chest, although it is rather a side effect.

In addition, COCs facilitates manifestation of premenstrual syndrome, reduces blood loss during menstruation, when it restores cycle disorders.

Secret 4. Control of the menstrual cycle

Oral contraceptives can delay the onset of menstruation a few. It’s enough to keep the pill from a new package of seven days without a break – and swim to health. But keep in mind that in this case increases the possibility of spotting or bleeding in the intermenstrual period. Especially if your “seniority” COC least 3 months. In any case, to resort to this secret as little as possible.

Secret 5. Weight Loss

Some women taking oral contraceptives, followed by weight gain that often is associated with low water retention. If this is your case, try to go on medication

Secret 6. Change of medication

If you have been taking COCs containing 21 pills, then a new stack to begin no later than the day after the seven-day break. Can the next day after receiving a 21-second drops. If you took COCs for 28 days, the new drug should be started the day after the last inactive tablet. Additional methods to protect the drug at the correct change is required.

Secret 7. COCs during illness

It is proved that treatment with antibiotics or anticonvulsants, and diarrhea, which lasts several days, reduces the contraceptive effect of COCs. In these cases it is necessary to use an additional method of contraception until the end of the package.Vomiting (within 3 hours after COC) must take an additional one tablet from the packaging.

Secret 8. Smoking and oral contraceptives

It is known that smoking – severity of side effects of COCs increases significantly. Therefore, smokers under the age of 35 years is better to take contraceptives with minimal estrogen. Women who smoke more than 35 years of oral contraception generally contraindicated.

Secret 9. Pregnancy during COC

If after taking the last active tablet from the package did not come menstrual bleeding, then you need to test for pregnancy and to see a doctor.You may have to change the COC or opt out of hormonal contraceptives. If it is confirmed pregnant, the pills should be immediately discontinued.

Secret 10. “Rest” of oral contraceptives

Allow your body to periodically (every 6-9 months) to restore the natural state of affairs. Let ovaries “bother” and they will be ovulating. At 1-2 months, change method of contraception. And then go back to the traditional method. This mode of contraception would be more physiological.

Do you believe in chance? Can one miraculous moment to change your life? No, it’s not about a magic wand and a gold fish … This case – a long-awaited pregnancy!

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