10 Signs Of Unfaithfulness To The Marriage

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A liar should have a good memory. And a lot of energy and remarkable endurance – a double life is pretty tedious. However, no matter how much a man be encrypted, there are signs that you should pay attention if you doubted his chosen one.

1. With great zeal began to monitor the hygiene

Although he had not been slut, but now the attitude to cleanliness became almost maniacal shower several times a day, extra shaving before going to bed, ample perfume, polished nails in nail salons and the like.

2. Suddenly became interested in fashion

Began to question about latest fashion trends, in the house there were men’s magazine.

3. Become careful in selecting cloths

Going to the gym or to meet with “friends” for a long time chooses what to wear, ask the suitability of this shirt to the pants … While it is always put first that comes to hand.

4. After work, often with “friends” in a bar

And, in a bar or where he is, as a rule, does not remember. And it became time to time “to cause to work” on weekends.

5. Do not let go mobile phone

He takes it with him even into the bathroom, explaining that they can call from work. If you entered the room, while he was sitting at the computer – quickly closes the file.

6. Became scattered, random answers to questions.

You feel that his thoughts are elsewhere. What you tell him, listen out of politeness, rather, pretending to listen.

7. Stopped to call you from work

Although usually he can always call up several times a day. Became indifferent to your affairs, and even common friends.

8. Your sex life is cracking

He shows no initiative, and your proposal to have sex does not support: tired, processed, stress, etc. If still comes down to it, then you feel that he would rather perform a duty, rather than enjoys.

9. Behaves in a way uncharacteristic of him

Sometimes vice versa: in the past, sex was only on weekends, but now he does not give you a pass. Did not differ before the ingenuity of the bed, offers a variety of intimate life.

10. Rapidly respond to all

The impression that he always keeps the defense. For example, you lamented the fact that he works too hard – in response to hear the angry accusation that nobody appreciates his efforts and does not understand how it would be hard at work. And your question about what time he returned from work, perceived as a total control.


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