10 Signs That A Man Suspected In A Woman “Future” Bad Mother

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In the famous song sung by Bryan Adams, that man can truly love a woman only if her mother’s eyes he sees in his future children. But first, he must simply understand that you – a good mother. And for this, try to avoid the following mistakes:

  • It is “self-destructive” lifestyle. Partying until the morning, revels, wine, cigarettes.
  • She just does not want children. Perhaps the lack of maternal instinct – is too obvious reason. But men are convinced that all women without exception, by default dream of becoming mothers. Meanwhile, supporters of the so-called “Child-free” quite often afflict men talk in a series of “let’s live for themselves.”
  • It is materialist in the extreme. A man would not want a woman to his children perceived as yet another accessory like a necklace or an expensive dog.
  • Obsessed with herself. If a woman is selfish, then it is unlikely to get a real mom.
  • It’s too frivolous. If a man sees a woman’s liability – write “disappeared.”
  • She is obsessed with her ​​appearance. Plastic surgery, creams, beauty, anti-wrinkle each. But some women believe that children means old.
  • Can not show concern and involvement. A man became ill (he was ill), and a woman, instead of caring for him, flew off on her way. Where is the maternal instinct?
  • She’s too impatient. Meanwhile, patience is the key quality of good, good mom.
  • A perfectionist. Do not go outside until the final touches will put makeup on. Will not allow guests in the house until everything is clean for children have hard times.
  • She is cruel. This is the most alarming sign, noting that man never dare to start with this woman children. We did not find a list of traits that seem relevant to us: a woman too fond of male attention, dressed provocatively, she had a bad relationship with her ​​parents, she can not communicate with other people’s children, she has a bad “back,” as women’s health and, finally, she already has children and she can not cope with them.

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