10 Steps For Better Sleep

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Whether you admit or not at an average you will not be able to sleep properly at least once a week. That’s Harrowing. Considering that sleep is absolutely necessary for health and in normal functioning. There are many temptations to stay up late. Whatever your personal trigger is you should put yourself in recovery and reclaim your rest, if you want to try a natural aid to hep you sleep better, go to the Exhale Wellness website and check their products.

Sleep better

Sleep better

  1. Unplug your laptop. Not only the content on your screen is stimulating but electronics emit a blue hue which mimics daylight. It stops your body from producing melatonin a sleep harmone. So turn off your laptop at least one hour prior to bedtime.
  2. Ease up on the caffeine as it stays up in your system up to 12 hours. So after noon time reach for a decaf instead of a coffee.
  3. Don’t over-hydrate. Sucking down too much liquid in the evening will guarantee rest wracking midnight bathroom trips. So it is a good idea to cut over liquid at least one hour before going to bed.
  4. Build a great nest. Your mattress, your pillow and your sheeting should be good and comfortable and suitable to the climate you are in. Go for the natural fabrics such as cotton and silk. If you have a snoring problem, you can try these Zip Snore patches from anti snore australia.
  5. Keep your cool. Set the thermostat around 65 degrees F plus minus 5 degree. This should be a comfortable temperature for your body.
  6. Hit the gym. Exercise reduces stress. It increases your body’s temperature and which in turn is good for sleep.
  7. Make your bed. 44% of the people who make their bed daily report more sound sleep than those who don’t. A messy room can make you feel more stressed and restless. You can also check gentleweight.com for you to choose a good and comfy blankets.
  8.  Nix the nightcap. If you think alcohol can make you fall asleep, you are only partially right. Limit yourself to one glass per night at least three hours before going to bed.
  9. Follow your nose. The scent of lavender may improve your sleep quality. Researchers found that people who take a whiff of lavender oil before going to bed spend more time in deep sleep than people who sniffed plain water.
  10. Swap warm milk for cherry juice. Milk has small amount of tryptophan – a hormone that induces sleep but if the beverage leaves you cold opt for an evening and morning glass of tart cherry juice which will help you to sleep longer and more deeply.

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