10 Tips For Choosing A Baby Crib

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We offer 10 tips that will help prospective parents to dispel doubts about the choice of the crib and make the right purchase.

1. Prefer natural materials

Cot must be made solely of wood. Stop poisoning the baby with the birth of plastic products or simulated “wood.” The best beds are alder, birch and maple. They are strong and durable. Even when the baby begins to grow teeth, and he will try everything “by heart”, a bed is not affected. High quality material, which is logical, is reflected in the cost.There are cheaper, but, nevertheless, natural material – pine. However, such beds can quickly lose its attractive appearance. The reason – a soft pine. When a child begins to show activity, knocking rattle and chews everything that comes into his mouth, a wooden cot will first take over these bumps.

2. Check the quality of coating bed

Even if the consultant at the store touts the benefits of the chosen bed, do not believe a word. Ask him a certificate to verify independently whether the production model was applied wood.Today made a lot of beautiful beds “under the tree.” The most common materials: MDF – fine fraction of the tree. It is believed that during its production ruled out the use of harmful tar. However, the baby’s health risk not worth it. Produce bed and out of our single particle board – wood-based panels and plywood material. Categorically not buy children’s furniture made from this material. It is less durable and formaldehyde.

After reading the certificate, not be amiss to spend and “test drive” cribs to ensure its quality. Try to scratch the surface and see the result. If you do this procedure a success with great ease on the bed and there were traces, then cover poor quality. Quality is not only withstand light exposure, but also your child’s teeth. In addition, look part of the materials from which made the chosen bed – the paint should be of resin only water-based adhesive and – without formaldehyde.

3. Ensure stability of beds

Many parents give in and buy fashions crib-pendulum skid rocking. Of course, it is very convenient in the first couple of months when the baby wants to be rocked. But the bed is no substitute for mother’s hands. Therefore it is better to wait, because a child grows up and wants it too, are changed. But the bed will remain the same. You will also be added worries – how to make sure that the child is not rocking crib, rocking chair, because its activity will increase with each passing month. If you really really want to buy a bassinet, crib, choose where both have runners and wheels. It is more expensive that normal cot, but safer for the baby.

4. Adjust the depth of the bed

This is the advantage of modern beds you can appreciate how a baby’s first months of life, and later in his life. Adjusting the height of the bottom, you can easily get and put a child without the burdens of his back. And when the period of passive lying over, slightly lower the bottom of the crib.When the baby starts to stand and stare all that surrounds him around, he should be safe. Please note that the child is not dropped, the height of the bottom of the mattress until the end of a side must be at least 60-65 inches.

5. Choose a bed with a removable rim

If the baby’s crib will stand close to your bed, taking off a side, you will be able to breastfeed without removing or disturbing the sleep of the child. Removable skirting will be of great value, and when the baby reaches the age of three. Growing up, he no longer wants to lie in bed for a long time and wait until you are going to get him, and he climbs.

6. Consider a safe distance between the bars

Remember, the optimal distance between the bars on the crib is 5.6 inches. Do not hesitate in buying his measure. If the distance is greater, the child may hurt himself, carelessly putting his hand into the opening, or leg. This period begins when a child is to learn to spin.

7. Choose a bed with a slatted bottom

Sometimes parents do not pay any attention to the bottom of the crib. In vain, because it is very important when selecting quality furniture. The fact that the mattress of the child must “breathe”. This is especially important if your child is sleeping without a bed cloth and often gets wet. Solid bottom can cause mold, which is very dangerous to health crumbs.

8. You have selected your crib back

They are of two types: continuous and Pinion. Single opinion on what is better – no. Each type of advantages. Pinion leak air back well and do not restrict ventilation. The distance between the bars should not exceed 7-8 cm, otherwise the head of a baby can get stuck. Solid back protect from bright light. Be aware when buying that perfect height back – 60 cm and above.

9. Enjoy the convenience of drawers

Many cribs are equipped with drawers. It is very convenient because it allows them to keep the dowry baby. And when a child grows up, place in a drawer, take his toys. The presence of boxes increases the cost by about a third bed. But it saves you from having to purchase an additional cabinet.

10. Look to the bed convertible

This kind of children’s furniture will solve the issue with sleeping baby just 6 years. The uniqueness of the bed-transformer that from the cradle, it turns into an ordinary cot and changing table with drawer – in a desk. Thing is pretty expensive, so it is possible to buy be sure that you want that kind of transformer.

We hope that these tips will choose a cot for you easier. Stocked with patience, a tape measure and get the best bed for a long-awaited baby.

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