10 Top Ways Of Exercising Smart While Pregnant

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Exercise with a baby on board? Remember  to use your exercise smart :

1.Drink before you exercise. To avoid becoming dehydrated, have a drink before your workout – even if you’re not thirsty (waiting until you’re thirsty means you have waiting too long). End your workout with a drink, also, to replenish the fluids you lost through sweat.

2.Bring on the snacks. A light but sustaining before – workout snack will help keep your energy up. Follow up with a light snack, too, especially if you’ve burned a lot of calories.

3.Stay cool. Any exercise or environment that raises a pregnant woman’s temperature more than 1.5 degrees should be avoided (it causes blood to be shunted away from the uterus to the skin as the body attempts to cool off). So stay out of saunas, steam rooms, or hot tubs, and don’t exercise outdoors in very hot or humid weather or indoors in a stuffy, over-heated room (no bikram yoga). If you generally walk outdoors, try an air-conditional mall instead when the temperature soars.

4.Dress for exercise success. Play it cool by wearing loose, breathable, stretchable cloths. Choose a bra that provides plenty of support for your larger-than-life breasts but that doesn’t pinch once you get moving (a sports bra can be a great addition to your maternity wardrobe).

5.Put your feet first. If your sneakers are showing their age, replace them now to minimize your chance of injury of falls. And make sure you choose workout shoes that are designed for the sport you’re pursuing.

6.Select the right surface. Indoors, a wood floor or a tightly carpeted surface is better than tile or concrete for your workouts. (If the surface is slippery, don’t exercise in socks or footed tights.) Outdoors, soft running tracks and grassy or dirt trails are better than hard-surfaced roads or sidewalks; level surfaces are better than uneven ones.

7.Stay off the slopes. Because your growing abdomen will affect your sense of balance, ACOG suggests women in the latter part of pregnancy avoid sports that come with a higher risk of falling or abdominal injury. These include gymnastics, downhill skiing, ice-skating, vigorous racquet sports (play doubles instead of singles), or horseback riding, as well as cycling and contact sports such as ice hockey, soccer, or basketball.

8.Stay on the level. Unless you’re living at high altitude, avoid any activity that takes you up more than 6000 feet. On the flip (per) side, scuba diving, which poses a risk of decompression sickness for your baby, is also off-limits, so you’ll have to wait until you’re no longer carrying a passenger to take your next drive.

9.Stay off your back. After the fourth month, don’t exercise flat on your back. The weight of your  enlarging uterus could compress major blood vessels, restricting circulation.

10.Avoid risk moves. Pointing, or extending, your toes – at any time in pregnancy – could lead to cramping in your calves. Flex your feet instead, turning them up towards your face. Full sit-ups or double leg lifts pull on the abdomen, so they’re probably not a good idea when you’ve got a baby on board. Also avoid any activity that requires “bridging” (bending over backward) or other contortions, or that involves deep flexion or extension of joints (such as deep knee bends), jumping, bouncing, sudden changes in directions or jerky motions.

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