10 Ways To Be A Great Mum

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How to be a wonderful mum

We all want to be the best we can be, especially when it comes to being a mum, but sometimes it can seem like an impossibly tricky task, get some life coaching at thehappinesscoach.com and you will be a happy mum with happy childrens. Here we have 10 top tips that will help you become the best mum you can be:

How to Be a Good Mother

How to Be a Good Mother

  1. Ways to be a great mum: Say no It’s not just your little ones you need to say no to sometimes. great mums are also able to say no to relatives, friends or other pushy parents who suck up their time and make them unhappy. Practise turning people down who are a drain on your time and resources; you’ll soon realise that if people care about you and your family, they will understand why you are telling them no and will not feel let down.
  2. Ways to be a great mum: Create an activity list Great mums are always prepared. There is nothing worse than a bored child on a rainy day, so whenever you get a spare moment, make a top 10 list of activities that you and your child would enjoy. Some fun ideas to help you get started include: baking and decorating cookies, making your own water slide, playing in wooden playhouses, or playing with washable street paint or chalk on your driveway.
  3. Ways to be a great mum: Let your kids find their feet We all know that a big part of growing up is making our own mistakes and dealing with the consequences. Although missing the last bus home or getting a detention seemed like a tragedy at the time, we learnt from those mistakes and it helped us become more independent. To help your child find their feet let them take on a few responsibilities. Depending on their age, they can brush their own teeth, choose their own clothes or catch a bus home. This will help your son or daughter develop and it will also give you more time; just be prepared to help them out when it goes a little wrong.
  4. Ways to be a great mum: Ask for help If you are beginning to get rather frazzled and the slightest thing makes you furious, be a great mum and ask for some help. If there are no family or friends who can lend a hand, maybe attending a Foster Parent Training will help. Being a great mum doesn’t mean you have to be on duty every waking hour. Everyone needs some downtime – even you. Being a great mum means making good choices to benefit your whole family, so don’t see it as a failure by asking for help.
  5. Ways to be a great mum: Enjoy yourself Fed up of picking up socks, fishing out lost toys from behind the couch and funnelling food into your growing kids? When great mums get fed up they take their kids out and have some fun. If you want to be a great mum, the next time you get fed up take a break with your kids and go out for a water fight, a bike ride using your folding electric bike or stay in and make a collage together – in short, remind yourself what it’s really all about.
  6. Ways to be a great mum: Listen Kids often feel like they don’t have a voice, especially those with siblings, so taking the time to listen to them can bring you closer and empower your child. Ask them how their day at school went or what they played at their friend’s house. When they talk to you, really listen and engage with what they tell you – it will help them feel important. Also when your child complains about something, don’t just cut them off and tell them to do as they are told. Instead, ask your son or daughter why they are acting in this way; you might just discover a hidden fear or worry that you can help them with.
  7. Ways to be a great mum: Accept you’re not Mary Poppins We all hate that well-dressed mum who bakes the best cakes, holds down a first-class career and has the time to hand-stitch their daughter’s incredible costume for the school play. However, if you want to be a great mum you have to remember that no-one is perfect and Mary Poppins is fictional! We all make mistakes so don’t be hard on yourself when something goes wrong – it’s what makes you human.
  8. Ways to be a great mum: Discipline No one likes the ‘D word’, but discipline is a huge part of parenting. To be the best mum possible you need to set some clear rules and stick to them. Those mums who strive to be their child’s friend may struggle with their child’s behaviour later on, when the line between friendship and parenting becomes blurred. There’s lots of ways to do this, for example, you could get them something they really like that they would have to dust every so often and take good care of. If you get them some hudson pewter disney figurines and show them how they need to be cared for and cleaned once in while. They’ll learn and be motivated to do it because it something they like and want to look after, which is a great way to teach them this concept. Remember, just because you are firm with your child doesn’t mean you are being mean and you should not feel guilty.
  9. Ways to be a great mum: Trust your instinct Success Coach Saundra Pelletier says that women need to trust their intuition when it comes to raising their children. You know your child and you know what will work and what won’t. Although you need to be open-minded to advice and tips, trust your instinct when you are making key decisions about your child’s upbringing and go with it. You’ll find that your confidence and sense of control will receive a healthy boost.
  10. Ways to be a great mum: Be happy This is by far the hardest thing to achieve as you cannot force or fake happiness, but if you want to be a great mum you need to try to work out a way to be happy because a happy mum equals happy kids. If you’re not feeling particularly happy try to work out why. Do you miss work, are you unhappy in a relationship or do you feel unfulfilled? Targeting why you may be a little down is the first stage to finding a solution.

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