10 Ways To Get Lean At Lunch

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Slim down in your lunch break with these simple weight-loss tricks that really work……

get lean

get lean

  1. Make a packed lunch : Shop-bought salads and sandwiches might seem like a virtuous choice, but they’re often high in salt, fat and sugar. Bring a homemade packed lunch you’ll save calories and cash! Keep the leftovers from a healthy dinner or throw together a fresh salad with mixed leaves, avocado, tomato, cucumber and a little cooked chicken.
  2. Head to the park : Take your cue from the WF team and lace up your trainers at lunchtime! Enlist your workmates for a 20-minute circuit workout in your nearest park or green space. Burpees, press-ups and jumping lunges will help your body burn fat well into afternoon. Result!
  3. Be table smart : Eating out on a business lunch? Sidestep the vino, hold off on the bread basket and order a big green salad as a starter to help fill you up before the main course arrives. All your greens and a satisfied tum! Clever, eh?
  4. Downsize your meals : Resist temptation and keep your portions under control by dishing out your lunch on a smaller plate. As a rule, one quarter of your plate should be made up of complex carbs (think quinoa or brown rice) and good fats such as avocado or olive oil, one quarter should be lean protein, and other half of your plate should be filled with salad and veggies.
  5. Take a class : Don’t fancy exercising outdoors? Many gyms offer express classes, such as Virgin’s fast classes or Power Plate sessions, which provide a quick high-intensity workout in less time than it takes to queue at Pret. You’ll whizz back to the office with bundles of energy to power through the afternoon.
  6. Have a massage : Want a flat tummy fast? A lunchtime lymphatic drainage massage or super-slimming body wrap will help you lose inches instantly by banishing water retention and clearing out any nasty toxins causing you to bloat.
  7. Reach your liquid limits : Make your water bottle your best buddy. Studies show that downing a glass of water before meals helps you consume fewer calories. Plus, quaffing ice cold water with a slice of lemon will raise your metabolism and flush out toxins.
  8. Go for a power walk : If you don’t have the time to squeeze in a workout on your lunch break, grab a workmate for a power walk and brainstorming sesh instead. As an added bonus, all that fresh air will improve your productivity and decision-making!
  9. Enjoy your food : Bolting down meals while staring at your computer hampers digestion and leaves you bloated, so spend at least 20 minutes enjoying your lunch. Remember, it takes time for your belly to deliver the ‘full’ message to your brain.
  10. Hit the shops : Need an excuse to splash some cash? Here’s some: strolling around the shops checking out the latest arrivals can keep you fit, and the more bags you’re carrying, the more calories you’re burning. You’re welcome!

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