10 Ways To Maintain Your Weight

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You’ve reached your goal weight – now what? Ditch yo-yoing for good with our smart tips for going steady.

Maintaining Your Weight

Maintaining Your Weight

1. Don’t go hungry

Eat little and often to regulate your appetite. Aim for five small meals a day, rather than the traditional three big meals. This will help to keep your blood sugar balanced and avoid the energy dips which make you reach for high-calorie snacksĀ  or an extra helping at dinner.

2. Add cinnamon to your meals

Keep your metabolism firing with this simple spice. Cinnamon has a thermogenic effect on the body, increasing your core temperature and causing your body to use energy (burning calorie) to cool it down. Add it to porridge or soups.

3. Get a plenty of sleep

There’s nothing like a bad night’s kip to send your healthy eating off the rails! Just one night’s sleep loss could lead to increased levels of hunger the next day. The study’s author believe that this could lead to serious weight gain in the long-term, so make sure you get your shut-eye.

4. Set a long-term goal

You’ve dropped the weight and you want it to stay off, so set a goal to keep you going. Book in a 10K race or half-marathon to help you stick your running commitments or sign up for a triathlon or swim. Locking in a goal will help you stay active and hold onto that great figure.

5. Deal with it

If you’ve had a bit of a blow-out, don’t beat yourself up about it – the impact on your weight and waistline will be minimal in the long run. Instead, do some exercise to limit the damage and get back to your usual healthy habits the next day.

6. Carry healthy snacks

Being caught short with only a chocolate bar to fend off your hunger pangs can mean you really fall off the wagon. Got a busy week coming up? Prepare for it: stash some nuts or a healthy snack in your handbag or your car for those unexpected snack attacks.

“Once you put it down in ink, those gym sessions will be harder to skip’

7. Enjoy your exercise

The best way to maintain a good fitness regime is to enjoy it! Don’t force yourself to run, lift or swim if you don’t really like it or it’ll become a chore. Search for an activity you have fun doing – you’ll be much more likely to keep it up. There’s a wealth of fitness activities out there, from buying boxing clothing to ballet and kettlercise to Kickasana, so find something that holds your interest.

8. Keep a diary

Set aside time to schedule your workouts and plan your meals each week. Once you put it down in ink, those gym sessions will be much harder to skip. Make it a routine on Sunday evening to sit down and diarise your exercise sessions and devise your menu.

9. Identify your triggers

If you know that factors such as stress or a social event weaken your resolve, use your knowledge to limit your exposure and develop healthy coping strategies. Looking for a pick-me-up? Take a dance class or pick out a new lippie instead of a chocolate bar.

10. Don’t deprive yourself

Cutting out your fave food cold turkey will make you want it more – it’s not a long-term solution. Instead, limit treats to once a week as a ‘cheat day’ option.

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