12 Myths Of Pregnancy

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1.Myth: The pain is unbearable.

False! In case of unbearable pain, nature’s safety mechanism makes one pass out, i.e. lose consciousness. In labour, women are rendered unconscious by drugs but never by pain. The right attitude to contractions can make it pretty easier to bear.

2.Myth: Have a spoon of ghee daily to lubricate your nerves.

False! To make yourself supple, you need exercise, not ghee. Ghee will make you fat. Be active so that your joints are not rusty and creaky. Earlier, women worked in fields, milkes cows, churned  butter or ground wheat, hence they could digest the ghee.

3.Myth: The umbilical cord is attached to the mother’s navel.

False! The umbilical cord is attached to an organ inside the womb called the placenta. This organ prepares and passes the food and nutrition to the baby, through the umbilical cord, which on the other end, is attached to the baby’s navel.

4.Myth: Be happy, read good books.

True! If you are afraid or under stress, the chemistry in your body changes as different hormones are released. The baby living within, senses these changes. It is therefore important to strive to be happy.

5.Myth: Push when in labour.

False! When in labour never push until the doctor or the nurse asks you to. If you begin to push when the mouth of the womb is not fully dilated, there is the danger of the baby’s head hitting against an unopened cervix, so that the baby’s head and cervix becomes swollen and tender.

6.Myth: Walk when in labour.

True! The best thing you can do is to walk when in labour. Gravity hastens the baby’s descent, and therefore shortens labour. Also, when you lie on your back, the weight of your baby and uterus press on a major blood vessel called the vena cava, hence reducing the supply of blood to you and your baby. Less pain is felt when a woman walks in labour.

7.Myth: Eat for two.

False! One does not need to eat for two people, but it is important to eat wisely during pregnancy. The baby grows like a parasite, in that, it takes all that it needs, whether the mother has enough or not. So if you don’t eat well, you might end up with a rundown feeling, which comes from the lack of iron in the blood.

8. Myth: Baby gets suffocated if you pull in the stomach.

False! The baby does not suffocate, since it gets oxygen through the umbilical cord, which is attached to  its navel and to the placenta on the other end. If you pull in your stomach, the weight of the baby is borne by the pelvic bones, so that your stomach muscles get a respite from constant stretching.

9. Bind the abdomen after the delivery.

False! If you make a jumble of your clothes and fling them in the cupboard, they’ll fall on your face when you open it next. If you push your muscles back with a girdle, they’ll flop out again. It is important instead to do mild exercises for the first forty days or three months and more vigorous ones later to build back tone in your muscles.

10.Myth: If the cord is around the neck it is going to be a Cesarean section.

False! Babies are often born with he cord wrapped loosely around their necks. The delivery can be normal.

11.Myth: If the baby is in breech presentation, that is feet first, it will be a Cesarean section.

False! If the baby is breech early in pregnancy, it is likely to turn to a head down position a few weeks before the estimated date of delivery. If it does not turn to a head down position in a woman having a first delivery, a Cesarean will be performed. One month before the estimated date of delivery, homeopathic medicine taken from a classic* homeopath could turn around a breech baby. Also accupressure point B67 at the base of the nail of the little toe is known to turn around a breech baby.

12. Myth : The baby comes on the expected date of delivery.

False! Labour starts on estimated date of delivery in only 4% cases. One week on either side in 50%, 2 weeks earlier and 1 week later in 80%, at 42 weeks in 10% and at 43 weeks plus in 4% cases.


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