12 Secrets Of The Fashion Makeup

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In this article Nubo Beauty will share the 12 secrets of the fashion makeup that will make you look like a celebrity.

Lip Makeup

The whole secret – in the correct ratio of natural matte shades of cream and a thick gloss. Make-up inspired by the images of the 60s.

Time : 4 minutes

  1. Wet a lip (30 seconds) to lipstick fell perfectly flat, the lips should be smooth. So to start, apply a colorless balm, lightly massage your lips and then blot the excess with a tissue balm.
  2. Circle the circuit (1 minute): lip pencil thick lipstick will last longer and shine, and correct the slight asymmetry of the mouth. The main thing – try not to go beyond the natural border of the lips. Circle the circuit small strokes and then gently smudge the line with your finger. You can use a pencil neutral reddish hue, regardless of the color of lipstick.
  3. Apply lipstick (2 minutes) with a flat brush for lips – so you can control the depth of color. In addition, the lipstick will go smoother and last longer. This is especially true of fashion this season, matte lipsticks with a creamy texture.
  4. Add the light (30 seconds): colorless or slightly golden sheen suitable for any skin tone. It adds a lip volume and generally refreshes the face. Just apply glitter to the center of the lower lip.

Eye Makeup

Take a classic make-up base ad supplement it with new shades ad textures. The main thing – no sharp contours. If you really want to make your eyes pop, then eyelash extensions are a great options for that. 

Time: 10 minutes

  1. Prepare the skin (1 minute) on damp skin, apply concealer century. Put the three points on the inner corner of the lower eyelid (where the bruises are particularly noticeable), the center of the century and at the outer corner of eye. Then gently blend with a brush, sponge or your finger.
  2. Create a base (1 minute): Apply a shade of beige or matte white shade on all the upper eyelid – from lash line to brow. It is best to use the middle soft brush. As a result view will appear more vivid, and makeup will last much longer.
  3. Apply a cream shadow (1 minute): the main secret of makeup – use shadows resistant cream and apply them easy pat on the lash line to the bone protruding. But if there are noticeable on the eyelid wrinkles, better skip this paragraph.
  4. Move the outline above (3 minutes): You can use the gray-green crayon or dry shade (and a wet brush). Spend a short strokes of the lash line – from the inner corner of eye to the outside. Make sure the line did not fall. Then blend with a brush.
  5. to outline below (2 minutes): move the eye through the growth of eyelashes from the inner corner of eye to the outside. Try slightly lengthen the path the century. Then gently blend.
  6. Illuminate six corners (30 seconds) is a universal remedy for tired eyes. Choose white, black or pale lilac pencil (you may use eyeliner or dry shade). Just circle the inner corner and blend lightly with your finger.
  7. Arrange the seven patches (30 seconds) in order to visually raise eyebrows and open mind, Illuminate distance between the eyebrow and bone. You can use the crisp white shade, golden, pink or beige, or light pen, which you are isolated corners of the eyes. Thoroughly blend to soften the bone.
  8. Select the eyelashes (1 minute): After that, their comb to remove clumps (you can use the cleaned brush from the carcass, which ended), or next time you find yourself in North Carolina and you need eyelash extensions, be sure to check out Deka Lash – Raleigh Eyelash Extension Pros as they truly are the best lash extension experts.

Brown scale suitable for almost everyone. But you can try this makeup in a different color palette – add shades of blue, muted green or lilac. As for the lashes, it is best to use a lengthening mascara and add volume, but instead of the usual black, you can choose a trendy marsh or brown. The main thing is that the lashes look natural.

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