13 Tips To Keep Your Baby Safe

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Babies are, despite their fragile appearance, pretty hardy. They don’t ‘break’ when you pick them up, their heads don’t snap off when you forget to support them, and they weather most falls without major injury. But they can be vulnerable. Even very young ones, who seem too tiny to get into trouble, do—sometimes the very first time they turn over or reach for something. To protect your baby from accidents that don’t have to happen, be sure to follow all of these safety tips all of the time:

  1. In the car, always buckle your baby into an infant safety seat—no matter how far you’re going or how fast or slow you’ll be driving. Wear a seat belt yourself, and make sure whoever’s doing the driving does, too; no one’s safe unless the driver is. And never drink and drive, or let baby ride with anyone who does.
  2. If you bathe baby in a large tub, put a small towel or cloth at the bottom to prevent slipping. Always keep one hand on baby during bath.
  3. Never leave your baby unattended on a changing table, bed, chair or sofa— not even for a second. Even a newborn who can’t roll over can suddenly extend his or her body and fall off. If you don’t have safety straps on your changing table, you should always keep one hand on your baby.
  4. Never leave a baby alone with a pet, even a very well behaved one.
  5. Never leave baby alone in a room with a sibling who is under five years old. A game of peekaboo affectionately played by a preschooler could result in tragic suffocation for an infant. A loving but overly enthusiastic bear hug could crack a rib.
  6. Don’t leave the baby alone with a sitter who is younger than fourteen, or whom you don’t know well, or whose references you haven’t checked. All sitters should be trained in infant safety and CPR.
  7. Never jiggle or shake your baby vigorously (even in play) or throw him or her up into the air.
  8. Never leave a baby or child alone in a car. In hot (or mild) weather, even keeping the windows down might not prevent the baby from succumbing to heat stroke. In any weather, a child snatcher on the prowl could quickly make off with the car’s precious cargo.
  9. Never take your eyes off your baby when you’re shopping, going for a walk, or sitting at the playground. A pushchair or pram makes an easy target for abduction.
  10. Never leave baby alone at home, even while you move the car, or check the washing in the garden; it takes only seconds for an accident to happen.
  11. Don’t place filmy plastics, such as those used by dry cleaners, or plastic bags on mattresses or anywhere baby can get at them.
  12. Don’t leave an unattended infant within reach of pillows, stuffed toys or other plush items, or let baby sleep on a sheepskin, plush-top mattress, beanbag, water bed or a bed wedged up against the wall. Always remove bibs and any hair ties or hair clips before putting baby down to sleep.
  13. Do not place a baby on any surface next to an unguarded window, even for a second, and even asleep.

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