15 Simple Ideas For Weight Loss

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A carefully selected diet and increased physical activity – according to scientists, is essential for weight loss and when combined with cbd you will get extra benefits especially if you use hawaiian energizing 1000 mg cbd tincture, read the Cannabis Herald to learn more. But what if a grueling diet and exercise is not for you? We offers 15 simple but very effective way to restore harmony, some including procedures like bariatric surgery for those who need a method that has worked very well for others in the past. In pursuit of grace, many women do not realize that there are many options available to get rid of extra pounds. Sometimes not even need to leave the house. Following these simple tips, you’ll not only lose weight but also make your life more enjoyable, and most importantly – healthy!

1. Laughter Therapy

Scientists around the world have repeatedly proven that laughter is one of the most effective ways to lose weight.10-15 minutes of laughter can burn up to 50 calories. Daily laughter save you from 2 kg for 1 year.And for just one time watching a comedy or humorous transmission burns as many calories as during kilometer walk.When a person laughs, his metabolic processes are accelerated by an average of 20%, which is the key to successful weight loss.

2. Water Treatments

A great way to speed up metabolism – go to the bath.Bath in general has a mass of useful features. It is not only good fot healthier body, but also help burn more calories. For each gram of evaporated sweat organism spends more than 80 calories.Unbelievable, but one visit Bath you can lose up to 2 kg. True, half the weight and then quickly returns as weight loss occurs due to loss of body fluids.If you go to the baths on a regular basis, then the weight loss begins to occur not due to fluid loss, and by burning fat as your metabolism speeds up.

3. Passionate sex and kisses

Want to lose weight quickly? Increasingly engage with your favorite sex. The hotter your arms, the better!In just 20 minutes of sex burns 120 calories, while the average for a passionate sexual intercourse go 300 calories. This is equivalent to 20 minutes on the treadmill.Renowned nutritionist Bruno Fabry calculated:- 15 minutes of oral sex burn calories obtained after a drinking a glass of wine,- Within 26 minutes of ordinary sex lost calories derived from food eaten like pizza.To undo a bra with two hands, you need 8 calories in one hand – 18, and if the man unzips the subject of lingerie teeth, he spends 87 calories.Scientists from the same Kinsey proved that during a passionate kiss burns 6.4 calories per minute. The 10-minute daily kisses for 1 year will save between 3.5 kg.

4. Viva Optimists

According to the findings of scientists, depression interferes with losing weight. People residing in this dismal state, lose weight much more difficult than the optimists.In a sad state of not working with very strict diets, grueling workouts, and even a special operation to reduce weight.

5. Clean – a pledge of harmony …

Get rid of a couple of extra pounds can help such habitual employment as domestic cleaning.It is estimated that work at home saves a woman from 4 calories per minute, 120 calories in 30 minutes and from 50 000 calories for 1 year!On the effectiveness of the active cleaning the house can be compared to visiting a gym or fitness club one day a week.Goodbye to 400 calories will:- 2 hours cleaning floors,- 2.15 hours wiping the dust- 82 minutes vacuuming.1 year, regularly making the cleaning of the house, the woman is 36 kilometers and burns the same amount of calories as if it ran 57 hours straight or rode a bicycle 770 miles.

6. Magical reflection

In one study, American scientists have come to an interesting conclusion. It turns out that reducing calorie intake can be a simple mirror.Every time you sit down at the kitchen table, put before a large mirror (it is better to hang it on the wall opposite).This simple method will reduce the amount of food consumed – and therefore calories – 1 / 3. Own reflection in the mirror reminds man about why he wants to lose weight. So, who wants postroynet faster and more saturated refuses supplements.

7. Flying gait …

Another important secret: if you want to look slim and toned, keep your posture and correctly choose wardrobe!American psychotherapists argue that visually you can lose weight by 5 pounds in just a few seconds.To do this intelligently choose clothing and observe the following rules: straighten your back, pull the abdomen, straighten your shoulders and stretch the muscles of the buttocks.With such a posture to go all the time – soon the body will get used to this “corset” and correct deportment will become your habit.According to stylists, these simple tips make up 70% success rate.

8. Dietary mathematics

Nutritionists recommend 90% of the food need to consume at home, while more than 60% of the food must be ingested in the morning.Statistics show that a person eats at home is less than at a party, restaurant or snack bar.A snack on the way to work or home and do not contribute to the preservation of the shape, and even opposite – spend to obesity.Try to eat a day on one cookie, cake or muffin is less than usual. Arriving at the restaurant, order a portion of at least a third less than usual.At any time, anywhere there is need to slowly and quietly, chewing food thoroughly.

9. Magic diet

American nutritionist Steven Hawkes says that you can lose weight by more than 20 pounds, with nothing currently no denying!What is the secret of this miracle diet? It turns out that it is very simple: you need to eat only when you really feel hungry. Here we can afford all the culinary delights, not fearing for the figure.”Eat only what you want, and only when you want”, – reads the motto of this magical weight loss method.But from snacking “for company” and a meal at a certain time will have to give. Personal experience Hawks showed that this “diet” you can lose weight by more than 20 kg for 1 year.

10. Green instead of black

Instead of the usual black tea and coffee nutritionists recommend drinking green tea.Regular use of this valuable beverage guarantee of weight loss. Green tea contains specific polyphenols – catechins.They slow down the absorption of fat and regulate blood glucose levels.In addition, green tea reduces the appetite. Statistics shows that green tea lovers eat 60% less than those who do not drink.Results 1 cup of the drink per day save 1 kg per month. The more green tea you drink, the more catechins goes into your body, and the more weight you lose.

11. Water Diet

Consumption of large quantities of clean water is a prerequisite for many diets. And not in vain!Drinking 1.5-2 liters of water a day, you can lose weight by more than 2 pounds, without changing your lifestyle.Water also speeds up the metabolism – 30%. Daily 6-8 glasses of pure water cleanses the body of toxins and provide the body cells healthy diet.Separately, it should be said about the cold water. At its heat our body spends more energy, that is, it requires a greater expenditure of calories. Results 1 cup ice water helps burn up to 62 calories.

12. Dance-diet

Combine business with pleasure. Dance – is not only a great physical workout for all muscles of the body, but a pleasant experience, elevates mood.The number of calories burned depends on the intensity of the dance:- 20 minute disco or a quadrille will save between 114 calories- ballet, twist – 125 calories- waltz, foxtrot – 62 calories.A total of 1 hour of dance you can get rid of 400 calories!In order to dance, not necessarily go to a nightclub or written to a school dance.Do this at home: just include merry music and dance with gusto, or doing household chores, dancing.

13. Charging on the stairs

Give up the elevator and escalator and up the stairs. This council heard many, but for some reason, ignore it.Up and down stairs is very useful. Train many muscles and burn calories weight.Experts have calculated that a 10-minute daily walk up the stairs and down for a year can lose 4.5 kilograms.The steeper the ladder, the more calories burned. So do not neglect this opportunity to effectively lose weight.And even if you live in a private home, try to visit often my friend or friend of a multistory building.

14. Walk with pleasure

Rather than go to work by car or public transport, walk on foot.Experts from the University established that only 30 minutes of daily walking is the key to harmony. This time is sufficient to prevent weight loss in almost everyone. 45-minute walk gets rid of 300 calories. And if you make a mall every day for a year, you will lose over 13 pounds. At the same time does not necessarily limit yourself to the diet.

15. Play with children

Do not miss a single opportunity to communicate with children. Try as you can spend more time with the younger generation.And you should not just sit in one place and play with children in a variety of active games.Going out with the baby for a walk, play with him or catch-up ball. This will get rid of extra pounds, improve your mood and help to find a common language with your baby.Even if you do not have their children take the initiative to sit with the kids and siblings or friends.

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