20 Ways To Dazzle

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Amp up your holiday hot factor with these simple fashion and beauty tweaks.



  1. Experiment with sparkle : Add that shine factor in your makeup and clothes-just not at the same time. “Shimmery eye shadow or highlighters can make you look fresh even after a whole night of partying. Try some metallic sparkle on tops or dresses for a festive vibe.
  2. Twinkle up your tresses  : “One great way to look dazzling this holiday season is to have colored crystal hair bling attached to your locks with a head bond. Pick from different colors and sizes”. The shiny pieces stay on your hair for about a week, even after shampooing.
  3. Get red-dy : Stylist to the stars Alyanna Martinez and Cosmo fashion director Ana Kalaw have a penchant for matte red lipstick because it dresses them up instantly. “This simple look gives a sexy, elegant statement in seconds”. “It’s fun, festive, and goes on fast”.
  4. Focus on lips and lashes : Fashion stylist and blogger Leona Panutat keeps the rest of her face simple while dressing up her eyelashes and pout. “I swipe on a berry-colored lipstick and load my lashes with mascara,” she says.
  5. Don ye now your gay apparel : An LBD can look totally different when worn with funky printed tights. Wear hosiery in fun patterns and colors to add a punch to your outfit.
  6. High beam your hair : “Adding highlights and a full head of color in shades of red or red violet are bold ways to brighten up your look”.
  7. Charge up your kisser : Professional makeup artist says it doesn’t take a let of dazzle your pout. “Simply dot the center of your lips with gloss, Light reflected on the middle part beings the area forward, giving you fuller, sexy lips.
  8. Go heavy on the cream : Makeup artist says to replace your regular/light moisturizer with a heavier formula during the Christmas season. “It gets colder in December, so a more emollient face cream (oil-based and richer) like L’Oreal Revitalift Day Cream may help combat allergic reactions or dry/chafed skin, which some women experience this time of the year.”
  9. Get longer lashes : “Lash extensions are perfect for the holiday parties because they make your eyes look brighter. I get mine done at iLash so I’m always photo-ready. The best part is I don’t even have to put eye makeup on,” says fashion stylish.
  10. Amp up your eye makeup : Try a bold shade  of eyeliner, either on the upper or lower lash line, or add glitter eye shadow to your eyelids for a playful look.
  11. Get Glowing : “The skin gets ashen when the temperatures drop, so add a warm glow to your skin by brushing on a light layer of bronzer”.
  12. Blur the lines : “Dry-looking skin always appears more lined, so to blur the appearance  of line instantly, take a tiny dab of moisturizer on the top of your finger and tap it into the area: skin looks immediately ‘dewier’ and less lined”.
  13. Use lipliner as a base : Lipgloss sides off your mouth easily, so to line lips with a matching lip liner first, then “fill in” by drawing all over the lip with the liner. “The liner will make the lips matte and provide a base for the gloss, so it doesn’t slip and slide much”.
  14. Make eyeshadow last longer : “Apply concealer and powder to your lids before applying eyeshadow. This helps the color blend more easily and wear longer.
  15. Blend your blush : Makeup guru never to make your blush a specific, identifiable shape. “No circle, stripes, squares or checkmarks. Blend well to get a general diffusion of color”.
  16. Shine-in the right places! : Maybelline chief makeup artist says to compliment shiny lips or eye makeup, keep your skin from slicking up. Choose a shine-free foundation to keep the oil off your  face, then prevent further grease build up by topping your look with a lose powder.
  17. Butter up your body : Makeup artist says to moisturize all over – “not just your face!” Pay special attention to areas that dry easily, like your elbows, knees, and tops of the feet.
  18. Get Deep : “Any nail hue that makes you look dead or goth (such as black or gray) is so unsexy. Instead, go for a super-dark shade that has some color, like a deep plum or inky purple. And keep your nails short and well-manicured-chips are not hot”.
  19. Extend your Hair : We all can’t have red carpet hair or can we? Drop by Tokyo Posh in Rockwell for instant Anne Cutis or Kin Kardashian-inspired waves. “Go from short to long, long to short, straight to curly”. You can change your hair from one party to another, all without the longterm commitment of a haircut.
  20. Let Loose : Most guys aren’t down with updos. “So try an undone bun-it’s so easy and sexy. “Spray your hair with a little lightweight hair spray, such as Elnett. Finger comb it into a high ponytail, then twist the ponytail into a loose, messy bun and secure with large hairpins. Finish with another quick blast of hair spray. Add a cute headband for instant glamour.”

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