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What’s Turning you On (Or Off)?

Jan 05, 2011 1 Comment

With all the many physical changes you’re undergoing during your nine months of pregnancy, it’s no wonder desire and sexual pleasure are being affected, both positively and negatively. You’ll have to learn to accommodate some of the negative effects so their interference in your sex life is minimal. Nausea And Vomiting. Morning sickness can certainly come between […]

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Engorgement If You’re Not Breastfeeding

Jan 05, 2011 No Comments

Your breasts are programmed to fill (or make that overfill) with milk around the third or fourth postpartum day, whether you plan to use that milk to feed your baby or not. This engorgement can be uncomfortable, even painful-but it’s only temporary. Milk is produced by your breasts only as needed. If the milk isn’t […]

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Sex Through The Trimester

Jan 04, 2011 No Comments

Down-up-down. While that might sound like a new sex position, it’s actually a good description of the rollercoaster pattern most couples can expect their sex lives to follow during their nine months of pregnancy. In the first trimester, many women find that their libidos take a nosedive, plummeting promptly as soon as pregnancy hormones kick […]

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Your Pregnancy Profile And Preterm Birth

Jan 04, 2011 Comments Off on Your Pregnancy Profile And Preterm Birth

Here’s the good news: It’s far more likely your baby will be arriving late (as in overdue) than early. Just about 12 percent of labors and births are considered premature, or preterm – that is, occurring before the 37th weeks of pregnancy. And around half of these occur in women who are known to be at higher risk for premature […]

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First Bowel Movement Postpartum

Jan 03, 2011 No Comments

The passage of the first postpartum bowel movement is a milestone every newly delivered woman is anxious to put behind her (so to speak). And the longer it takes you to get past that milestone, the more anxious – and the more uncomfortable – you’re likely to become. Several physiological factors may interfere with the […]

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5 Ways Of Enjoying Sex More, Even If You’re Doing It less

Jan 03, 2011 Comments Off on 5 Ways Of Enjoying Sex More, Even If You’re Doing It less

Good, lasting sexual relationship are rarely build in a day (or even a really hot night). They grow with practise, patience, understanding, and love. This is true, too, of an already established sexual relationship that undergoes the emotional and physical changes of pregnancy. Here are a few ways to “stay on top”: 1. Enjoy your […]

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A Faint Line On Pregnancy Test

Jan 02, 2011 No Comments

The only way a pregnancy test can give you a positive result is if your body has a detectable level of hCG running through it (or in this case, through your urine). And the only way that your body can have hCG running through it is if you’re pregnant. Which means that if your test […]

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12 Benefits Of Exercise During Pregnancy

Jan 02, 2011 No Comments

You’re aching and you can’t sleep and your back is killing you and your ankles are swelling and you’re constipated and bloated and you’re passing more gas than a busload of high school football players . In other words , you’re pregnant . Now only if there were something you could do that might minimize the aches […]

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When To Call Your Practitioner Postpartum

Jan 01, 2011 Comments Off on When To Call Your Practitioner Postpartum

Few women feel their physical (or emotional) best after delivering a baby-that’s just par for postpartum. Especially in the first six weeks after delivery, experiencing a variety of aches, pains, and other uncomfortable (or unpleasant) symptoms is common. Fortunately, what isn’t common is having a serious complication. Still, it’s smart to be in the know. […]

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10 Top Ways Of Exercising Smart While Pregnant

Jan 01, 2011 2 Comments

Exercise with a baby on board? Remember  to use your exercise smart : 1.Drink before you exercise. To avoid becoming dehydrated, have a drink before your workout – even if you’re not thirsty (waiting until you’re thirsty means you have waiting too long). End your workout with a drink, also, to replenish the fluids you […]

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A Negative Result

Jan 01, 2011 No Comments

If you’re experiencing the symptoms of early pregnancy and feel, test or no test – or even three tests – that you’re pregnant, act as though you are (by taking pregnant vitamins, avoiding alcoholic beverages, quitting smoking, eating well, and so on) until you find out definitely otherwise. Pregnancy tests aren’t infallible, especially when they’re taken very early. You […]

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