21 Superfoods for Weight Loss

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If foods were superheroes, this tasty group would don tights and capes quicker than you can say “Kapow!” they help you drop pounds by filling you up and boosting your calorie burn – all you have to do is eat them.

superfoods for quick weightloss

superfoods for quick weightloss

  1. Steak : If you can demolish a T-bone faster than Lindsay Lohan chalks up another court summons, you’ll be happy about this: in a study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, women who ate red meat lost more weight than those who consumed the same amount of calories from a different food. “Steak owes its weight-loss powers to be protein it’s packing”. “Protein helps you lose fat but maintain muscle-and muscle burns four times as many calories as fat.”
    Eat More Spice up steak with this recipe. “Mix 1 tbs thyme, 1 tbs oregano, 2 chopped cloves go garlic and 2tbs olive oil. Rub on thinly sliced fillet steaks. Sear in a hot pan for a minute on one side, then 30 seconds on the other side.” Oh, yeah.
  2. Avocado : Avocados, which are in season from May-September, may have a rep as one of the fattiest whole foods out there, but that’s a good reason to take them to the checkout-a South African study revealed dieters eating 200g of avocado a day lost the same amount of weight as those who ate just 30g of other dietary fats. “Avocado’s monounsaturated fats keep you fuller for longer”.
    Eat More Get this: avocados contain a quarter of the calories of butter. “Spread avocado on toast instead”. “Or mash it on top of a baked potato for a creamy treat.”
  3. Potatoes : Participants in the Satiety Index study at the University of Sydney were given 240 calorie portions of 38 different foods and asked to rate how hungry they were two hours later. Of all the foods tested, including pasta and bread, potatoes ranked as the most satisfying. “A satisfied stomach means scaled-down snacking-which means weight loss”. “Without sour cream and mayo, potatoes are a healthy, low-fat food.”
    Eat More Baked a potato for lunch or dinner. “Scoop out the missile, mix it with veggies and herbs, then stuff the mixture back in the skin”. Sounds super to us.
  4. Almonds : Adding a handful of almonds to your meal levels out blood sugar, keeping you fuller for longer. “People who ate almonds with white bread had lower blood-sugar surges than those who just ate the bread”. “Steady blood sugar keeps you fuller for longer and reduced your risk of accumulating abdominal fat.”
    Eat More Treat yourself to a low-fat almond and orange cake. Ingredients: 250g oranges, 150g castor sugar, 3 eggs, 1tsp bicarbonate soda, 100g shredded coconut. Instructions: blitz oranges in processor; whisk eggs and sugar together until creamy; mix ingredients together; put in cake tin; bake for 40 minutes in 180 degree C oven; eat up!
  5. Pancakes : You can easily justify a weekend pancake habit if you make them with buckwheat-the ingredient satisfies hunger and reduces blood glucose levels by up to 19 percent more than refined wheat flour. Even better : “Buckwheat is not related to the wheat grain, so if you’re wheat or gluten intolerant, you can eat it too.
    Eat More “Use buckwheat flour instead of wheat flour in cakes as well as pancakes”. “Or, cook and serve buckwheat seeds as you would rice.”
  6. Chocolates : Yes, really. Certain antioxidants in chockie (and our other fave, red wine) have been found to reduce the amount of fatty chemicals you produce, heeling fight weight gain. But diary milk won’t cut it-“Chocolate with 70 percent or more cocoa is the richest in antioxidants”.
    Eat More “It’s possible to feel you’re indulging but still avoid lashings of extra sugar and fat”. “Grate dark chocolate flakes over fruit for maximum in melted dark chocolate.”
  7. Chili : Scary, Baby, Posh and the rest might not top the charts anymore, but their “Spice Up Your Life” mantra holds firm. Capsaicin, which gives chili zing, inhibits the growth of fat cells. “People who ate chili burns up to an additional 50cal a day”.
    Eat More Drizzle this over meat, fish and salad: “Finely chop 1 small red chili, 1/4 cup parsley, 1/4 cup capers, 1 clove garlic and 1/4 onion. Mix with 1/4 cup lemon juice, 1tbsp olive oil, 1/2 tsp salt and 1tsp brown sugar”.
  8. Eggs : Eating two eggs for brekkie instead of a bowl of cereal with equal calories will help you lose weight and feel more energetic, according to an International Journal of Obesity report. “Eggs for breakfast will dampen your appetite all morning”. “They provide low-calorie protein-the perfect recipe for weight loss.”
    Eat More “Hard-boil three or four eggs to keep in the fridge”. “When you go out, wrap one in cling wrap, take it with you and nibble on it when you feel hungry. It will kill your appetite.
  9. Pomegranate : This fruit (usually available in the Philippines from October-December) is like the iPhone of the fruit world-it can do so many cool things. Pomegranate seed oil reduces the body’s ability to store fat, according to studies at the University of Houston, while research from Italy’s University of Naples discovered the pomegranate has powerful antioxidant properties that prevent fatty deposits forming in arteries. “Not only that, they’re so sweet that they’ll curb cravings for sugary foods”.
    Eat More “Make ice cubs from pomegranate juice and add them to water or smoothies”. “Or simply suck them for a refreshing vitamin burst.”
  10. Beaked Beans : People who regularly eat beans have a 23 percent smaller waist than non-beans-eaters and are 22 percent less likely to become obese, according to research in the Journal of Nutrition of the American College of Nutrition. “Low-fat and filling-I haven’t a bad word to say about beans”. Though, look out for the low-salt/low-sodium varieties, because some contain way more than you should consume.
    Eat More Hungry? “A small can of baked beans is the best snack in the world”. “And tip a can of kidney beans in soups or salads.”
  11. Grapefruit : You may want to forget the dodgy perm you had in the 80s, but the decade that good style forgot got one thing (kinda) right-the Grapefruit Diet. A study by the US Nutrition and Metabolic Research Center showed people who ate half a grapefruit before meals lost an average of 1.6kg over 12 weeks. “Grapefruits high in pectin, which swells up in your stomach, making you fell full”.
    Eat More “Cut up a grapefruit (choose a pink for extra nutrients), an orange, and a tomato and mix them with lettuce and rocket for a delicious salad”.
  12. Yoghurt : A tub of yoghurt is more than just a quick and tasty snack-in a University of Tennessee study, people who ate a low-fat diet that included three servings of low-fat yoghurt a day lost a massive 81 percent more abdominal fat than those who eat the same diet but skipped the yoghurt. “The calcium in the yoghurt binds to the fat in the gastrointestinal tract, reducing fat absorption”. “Yoghurt also boosts metabolic rate, so more energy is directed at burning rather than storing fat.”
    Eat More “Ditch creamy dips and dunk carrot sticks in natural yoghurt mixed with chopped chives of cucumber”.
  13. Cheese : Whether you’re a “strong and bitey” woman or a “tasty” lady, the yellow stuff is all good. Women who eat one more severe of full-fat cheese every day are less likely to gain weight than those whose who ate low-fat dairy products, says the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. “Whole milk contains something called conjugated linoleic acid, which helps your body burn fat”.
    Eat More The harder the cheese, the higher the fat than content, so creamy cheese contains less fat than standard cheddar. “Control portions sizes by choosing strong flavors; a taste of stilton will satisfy taste buds more than a chunk of mild cheddar”.
  14. Olive Oil : There’s a reason Popeye’s squeeze was so trim-it’s down to this golden liquid. The fatty acids in olive oil trigger a protein in the body that causes you to feel full, according to research from the University of California. “Olive oil contains ‘good’ monounsaturated fat which is digested more efficiently than ‘bad’ trans fats in cakes and biscuits”. “Italians get 40 percent of their daily calories from fat-but they’re the right fats, so they [tend to] stay slim.”
    Eat More “All oil contains around 119 cal per tablespoon, so don’t use more, just use the right one”. “Drizzle extra-virgin olive oil on pasta instead of pre-package sauces. Forgo butter and dip bread in to a small dish of the golden stuff.”
  15. Soy : When soy consumption goes up, weight goes down. Studies at the University of Illinois found soy protein interacts with the receptors in our brains that tell us we’re full. And that’s not all: “It also boosts metabolism and reduces fats in the body”.
    Eat More : Step 1: Walk to supermarket.
    Step 2: Buy edamame (soy beans).
    Step 3: Eat.
  16. Vinegar :  Make your (grilled) fish and chips more worthy by dousing your chips in vinegar. It lowers the Glycemic Index of the food you’re eating, controlling your insulin levels and keeping you full longer, shows a University of Arizona, study. “Vinegar causes food absorption”. “Food hangs around in your system keeping you full before being released you full before being released in to your bloodstream. Lemon juice has the same effect.”
    Eat More “Mix equal of olive oil and white vinegar with a teaspoon of grain mustard. Then dash over salads and veggies”.
  17. Apples : Scientists from Pennsylvania State University have been busy, indeed-in another study, researchers found people who crunched an apple 15 minutes before an all-you-can-eat-pasta feast consumed, on average, 182 fewer calories than those who hadn’t eaten one. “Sequencing your food is a weight-loss key”. “Eating high fiber food before a meal fills you up so you don’t binge on high-calorie foods that follow.”
    Eat More “Add sliced or grated apple to your cereal or salad”. “Whatever you do, don’t peel them-the fiber that fills you up is the skin.”
  18. Soup : Research by Pennsylvania State University found dieters who ate soup before the main dish lost about 7kg a year more than who ate the meals without soup. Filling up on low-calorie, high volume food prevents you eating as much of your second course. Just avoid cream-based soups.
    Eat More “Keep cans or cartoons of soup in your drawer and open one before you take your lunch”.
  19. Cherries : Put a cherry on top-of whatever it is you’re eating. Researchers at the University of Michigan fed one group of rodents a high-fat diet and a serving of tart cherry powder every day-they gained less weight than rats eating the same diet sans cherries. “The antioxidants in cherries may help maintain muscle mass and help the metabolism function betters”.
    Eat More “Dried cherries are perfect to keep in your bag for an easy snack”. “They contain melatonin, so they’ll help you sleep well and combat jet-lag too.”
  20. Cinnamon : Cinnamon is good for so much more than just sprinkling on doughnuts-eating the spice increases your blood’s levels of a chemical that delays the emptying of the stomach, making you feel fuller longer, says a Scandinavian study. Who knew a little brown stick could be so clever?
    Eat More “Drop a cinnamon stick in your water glass for added flavor”. “Or sprinkle ground cinnamon on coffee.”
  21. Sardines : These cute little fish can do wrong in the weight-loss world. Packed full of omega-3 fatty acids, research from the University of Wisconsin shows they lower the amount of the hormone leptin in your body-and the lower your leptin levels are, the faster your metabolism. “It’s no coincidence the fish-eating Japanese are some of the leanest people on the planet”. “The other great thing about sardines? They’re cheap as chips.”
    Eat More “One of my favorite lunches is a small can of sardines on a slice of multigrain bread with tomato”. Healthy, filling and cheap. Make it one of your credit-crunch weapons.

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