3 Steps To Transform Your Everyday Look

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Try our three-steps makeover.

Replacing Your Oversize Wardrobe is mandatory after dropping weight, but you do think the same way about your makeup? While changing your blush color may not be high on your to-do list, here’s why it should be: Experimenting with new products or shades can be a real confidence booster. “Like losing weight, freshening up your look leads to compliments-a positive reinforcement that is very rewarding.  “In turn, that confidence builds on itself, helping you stick to your new eating and exercise habits.” Our challenge to you: Over the course of the next 24 hours, use our three-step plan to put your best face forward.

1. Seek Expert Advice

A visit to a makeup counter will bring you up to speed on the latest color and application trends (some beauty companies even let you book appointments in advance-call the store to check). “A makeup artist at the counter can help you choose what looks best and give you a lesson in applying the products”. Before you choose which counter to visit, observe how the consultants interact with other clients-a good indication of how you’ll be treated. “The more comfortable you are with your makeup artist, the more relaxed and open to change you’ll be”.

Ask, Ask, Ask When it’s your turn in the chair, ask the makeup artist to explain what she’s doing every step of the way. Use a hand mirror so you watch how she used (hint-ask if she has trial-size samples), and find out if she has any take-home instructions.

Feel Free To Say No Of course, all this free advice is about selling products-and while you shouldn’t buy anything if you’re not ready, remember it doesn’t have to be all or nothing. You can purchase one or two items now, others later or not at all Bottom line: You are not obligated to buy anything in exchange for the makeup application, so don’t feel pressured to do so.


  • 2. Test-Drive A Trend

Straight-fom-the-runway trends don’t always translate into reality (lemon yellow lipstick and sequins-as-eye-shadow come to mind), but a subtle version of the season’s look-du-jour can add some fun to your beauty routine. Here, three of the prettiest trends to try:

A) Just Browsing Fuller brows are more youthful looking. Accentuate them with a brow pencil that’s a shade lighter than your brow color. Apply it in the director your brow hairs grow

B) Purple Reigns For a more modern take on the smoky eye, switch from black eyeliner to purple; the latter hue accentuates every eye color.

C) Glow For It Look for a shimmery highlighting cream that contains tiny light-reflecting particles. It gives skin a subtle glow while also minimizing imperfections. Apply to the tops of your cheekbones and brow bones with your fingertip.


3. Try It Out

Now that you’ve been schooled in the right shades and application techniques and have tested a trend, schedule a night out with your spouse or with friends so you show off what’ve learned. Take note of whether anyone notices a difference in your appearance, even if the person can’t quite pinpoint exactly what it is. Chances are the confidence you exude as a result of your transformation will produce will produce a glow that shines long after you take off your makeup.

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