3 Useful Tips To Conceive A Female Baby

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Do Sex Positions have any role to play in influencing the sex of your baby?
Can shallow penetration increase your chances of conceiving a female baby?
By reading each and every word of this article, you are not only going to find answers to above question, but you are also going to learn few natural and proven tips on how to conceive a female baby.


It has been the rule of society since ages, that when it comes to choosing the sex of your baby, it should be left to the Mother Nature. But have you ever imagined,  how easy the life could be if you get the power to choose the gender of your baby?
It is not unrealistic. It has been proved by the researchers at American Medical Association, that by following few natural tips on gender selection around 95% accuracy can be achieved. Some of the tips on how to conceive a female baby are discussed below.
Sex positions can play a vital role in choosing the gender of a baby. To conceive a female child, it is always advised to have a shallow penetration. In shallow penetration, the sperms have to travel a long distance towards the egg. The girl sperms have a long life and move slowly as compared to boy sperms which have a short life and are fast moving. Shallow penetration increases the chances of getting a girl as the boy sperms will die off before reaching the egg in hostile vaginal environment. The stronger girl sperms will fertilize the egg and a female baby will be conceived.
Planning the time of making love can help you great deal in conceiving a daughter. To conceive a girl, the couple should have an intercourse 3-4 days before ovulation. Having an intercourse before will make sure that the weak boy sperms die off before the egg is ready to be fertilized. In this case, the strong girl sperms which have a longer life will fertilize the egg.
Diet can be an important factor in determining the sex of your baby. To conceive a girl child, you should focus on taking a diet which increases acidic level in your body. An acidic body environment is very hostile for boy sperms and they will not be able to survive for long. Hence, strong girl sperms will get to fertilize the egg and a girl will be conceived.

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  1. smriti says:

    is it normal for the fluid to come out even after lying down for half an hour with your knees up after intercourse?

    • Fiona says:

      Hi Smriti,
      it is very normal for the semento flow out, but what flows out is sooooooooooo microscopic. Even though a large amount may seem to be “falling out”, there are millions of sperm who have made their way in. This happens faster then you can blink an eye. But if you are really worried about it, you could try placing a pillow underneath your pelvic area during sex. Your will be more elevated then. Afterward, dont get up for about a half an hour and prop your legs up a little while you are laying there.

      Hope this is helpful. Baby dust to you

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