30 Most Useful And Creative Things

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Useful and practical design solutions that not only decorate, but also greatly simplify the life.

1. Carpet with slippers

Which are amazing and you can now look for them at Area rugs near me.

When getting a carpet remember that carpet is one of the most important parts of decoration in a house and is among the first items to be bought when building a house, if you do not have time for this, consider hiring services like carpet cleaning cincinnati. The cleaning of an important part of the décor is also very important. Carpets, which we continuously press our foot, contain many microbes that we know or do not know, such as bacteria, and mites.

2. Holder for knives

Before buying your holder you must know the difference between santoku vs chef knife

3. Candle with matches

Easy to store. No need to search.

4. Magnet-Watch

With the icons of important cases instead of numbers .

5. Transformer-Nightstand

Serving table conveniently “hides” inside a bedside table.

6. Pin-hanger

7. Ladder closet

8. Blinds “Megapolis”

9. Belt and measuring tape

10. Electrical cord

11. Sticks with a spoon

One side and for the first course, and the other one is for the second.

12. Log-bench

13. Toilet paper holder

With a glass for pens and pencils.

14. Scissors for greenery

15. Door for a game of ping-pong

16. Ironing board with a mirror

17. Mini-plate for a buffet

18. Tea pot

19. Bedside rug-alarm clock

20. Holder for shoes

21. Tea bags

22. Double pack for sunflower seeds or nuts

So that there was where to put the husk.

23. Ladder rack

24. Mug with a plug

If you keep the plug in a secret place, no one will be able to use your mug.

25. Rotating bench

Bench equipped with a handle, with which we can rotate the bench to replace wet part of it with the dry one.

26. Cutlery on caps

Set of functional caps to allow ordinary office pen use as cutlery and eat without standing up from the desktop.

27. Shelf for bathroom

Shelf for comfortable hanging out in the bathroom.

28. Ribbed tape

It is easy to mark and find the edge of the tape.

29. Notebook of tissues

30. A thing for pealing potatoes


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  1. Homes and Interiors says:

    Really awesome. Very creative ideas.

  2. Denver Interior Designer says:

    LOVE the magnetic clock. Such a great idea.

  3. Saikrishna says:

    Magnetic Clock
    Awesome Idea….!!!!
    Just loved it…….<3

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