4 Benefits Of Expecting Multiple

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Good news! There’s never been a safer time to conceive, carry, and give birth to more than one baby, and for lots of reassuring reasons. Here’s what you have going for you as a mom-to-be of multiples these days:

1.  A heads-up. Since the discovery that you’re carrying multiples almost always comes early on in pregnancy these days, you’ve got extra time for planning and preparing for your babies, plus plenty of time to get best possible prenatal care. And good prenatal care is the ticket to a healthy pregnancy – doubly so in a multiple pregnancy.

2. Lots more practitioner visits. Good prenatal care starts with more frequent practitioner visits. You”ll likely be seen every two to three weeks (rather than every four) up until your seventh months and more frequently after that. And those visits may get more in-depth as your pregnancy progresses. You’ll get all the tests singleton moms get, but you may also get internal exams earlier than a singleton mom-to-be would get (to check for signs of preterm labor).

3. Pictures, pictures, pictures. Of your babies, that is. You”ll get extra ultrasounds to monitor your babies and make sure their development and growth is on track and the pregnancy is healthy. Which means extra reasurance, plus extra pictures for your baby look.

4. Extra attention. Good prenatal care also means extra attention to your health to reduce your risk of certain pregnancy complications (like hypertension, anemia, placenta abruption, and preterm labor, which are all  more common in multiple pregnancies). With all that extra attention, any problem that develops will be treated quickly.

Expecting More Than One, From Conception To Delivery

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