4 Important Nutrients For Menopause

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  1. Vitamin E. Considered useful in alleviating hot flashes and thought to offer some heart protection although a recent study showed that 400 IU of vitamin E taken twice daily reduced hot flashes just slightly more than the placebo. Although some foods, such as nuts and seeds, egg yolk, and wheat germ contain vitamin E, you’ll need to take a supplement to get a therapeutic dose.
  2. Calcium. To help prevent the development of osteoporosis. Good sources are milk and milk products. sardines, almonds, broccoli, and spinach. To absorb calcium, the body needs vitamin D, which can be made by the skin after exposure to the sun; dietary sources of this vitamin include fortified milk and margarine, eggs, and fish oils.
  3. Magnesium. Works with calcium to maintain bone density. Found in whole grains, milk and milk products, tofu, nuts and seeds. and legumes.
  4. Phytoestrogens. Can help alleviate hot flashes. May also protect against heart disease and osteoporosis. Foods rich in Phytoestrogens include soy foods, flax-seed, chickpeas, and other legumes.

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