4 Symptoms Of False Labor

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Is it or isn’t it? Real labor probably has not begun if:

1.Contractions are not at all regular and don’t increase in frequency or severity. Real contractions won’t necessarily fall into a neat textbook pattern, but they will become more intense and more frequent over time.

2.Contractions subside if you walk around or change your position (though this can sometimes be the case in early “real” labor, too).

3.Show, if any, is brownish. This kind of discharge is often the result of an internal exam or intercourse within the past 48 weeks.

4.Fetal movements intensify briefly with contractions. (Let your practitioner know right away if activity becomes frantic or jerky).

Keep in mind that false labor (though it isn’t the real thing)  isn’t a waste of time – even if you’ve driven all the way to the hospital or birthing center. It’s your body ‘s way of getting pumped, primed, and prepped for the main event, so when the times comes, it’ll be ready – whether you are or not.

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