4 Ways To Determine Baby gender

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The most reliably determine the sex of the unborn child by using the woman’s blood. Already in early pregnancy, it contains baby’s DNA. If the analysis reveals the Y-chromosome, then the woman is waiting for the boy. If the detected X-chromosome, there will be a girl. But this method of determining the gender of the baby has several limitations, besides it is expensive. Therefore, most often to determine the sex of the child, women use ultrasound. But even this method is sometimes mistaken.

1. Upgrading Blood

In order to determine the sex of the unborn child , using information about the so-called old blood, you must rely on the fact that the blood in the human body can be updated. Men 1 time in 3 years, women have one every 3 years. If the baby’s blood at conception man is newer than the woman, then a son, and vice versa – a daughter. When using this technique should be considered a serious blood loss, such as operations, blood transfusions, childbirth, etc

2. Planning and ovulation

It is believed that one can determine the sex of the child and based on the difference in sperm. Sperm with the Y-chromosome is more mobile and can reach the egg before the sperm with the X chromosome. However, sperm with the X chromosome is more viable and may be in the fallopian tube prior to ovulation. To son, during sexual intercourse should be as close as possible to the date of ovulation. A man needs to avoid overheating. Rising temperatures, for example, due to stay in the sauna, lead to a decrease in sperm counts, and this is especially detrimental to the cells with Y-chromosome. To a girl, intercourse should be planned for 2-3 days before ovulation. At the time of ovulation and the next 2 days of sexual contact should be avoided.

3. Diet as a training

In addition, to determine the sex of a child to help a special diet, which, however, many doctors considered ineffective, and they are dead set against it. Because a woman in preparation for pregnancy and throughout pregnancy should have correct and balanced diet. Diet to conceive a girl includes the consumption of tea, coffee, cocoa, baking fresh, beets, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, eggplant, peppers, almonds, peanuts. Meat is better to replace or limit fish consumption.

4. Products for baby boy

Not recommended for use carbonated soft drinks, sausages and smoked, salted and canned fish, cheese, fried potatoes, all kinds of canned plums, cherries, apricots, olives, melons, currants, oranges, salt. Diet for a baby boy includes tea, juice, fruit, mineral water, meat, sausages, fish, rice, potatoes, mushrooms, cherries, peaches, apricots and prunes. It is recommended to use more salty foods. This diet should be started 2 months before conception. After conception diet of pregnant women has everything she wants and that is good for health of the child.

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