5 Diet Myths And Facts

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There are certain food myths you should not believe. Some false info going on the net can seriously damage your health.

1. Myth. Drinking water helps you loose weight.

Fact. Drinking more water will reduce the amount you eat. Contrary to the popular belief, adding few glasses of water will melt away your fat which is not true.

2. Myth. French fries gives u pimples.

Fact. Its those sticky fingers after eating fries which contributes towards your pimples or acne. Excess oil in your skin causes acne not the oily foods. Keep the greasy finger off the face.

3. Myth. Eating carrots improve your vision.

Fact. Carrot have qualities to keep your eyes healthy but cannot improve the vision. Carrots are rich in Vitamin A which is vital for your eye health.

4. Myth. Eating in the night or late night eating increases your weight.

Fact. People eat more at night therefore their weight increase. Amount of calories intake matter, not the time of the day which they are taken.

5. Myth. Sugar causes diabetes.

Fact. Sugar doesn’t lead to diabetes. Being overweight does. Sugar may contribute to become overweight but is not directly responsible to cause diabetes.

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