5 Early Pregnancy Symptoms For Multiples

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Twice the babies sometimes spell twice the pregnancy discomforts, but not always. Every multiple pregnancy, like every singleton pregnancy, is different. An expectant mom of one may suffer enough morning sickness for two, while a mom-to-be multiples might sail through her pregnancy without a single queasy day. The same with other symptoms, too.

But though you shouldn’t expect a double dose of morning sickness (or heartburn, or leg cramps, or varicose veins), you can’t count it out. The miseries do, on average, multiple pregnancy, and that’s not surprising given the extra weight you’ll be carrying around and the extra hormones you’re already generating. Among the symptoms that might be-but won’t necessarily be-exponentially exacerbated when you’re expecting twins or more:
1.Morning Sickness. Nausea and vomiting can be worse in a multiple pregnancy, thanks to-among other things – the higher levels of hormones circulating in a mom’s system. Morning sickness can also start ealier and last longer.
2.Other Tummy Troubles.  Hello, heartburn, indigestion, and constipation. More gastric crowding (and more gastric overloading, since moms of multiples are eating for three or more) can lead to an increase in the kinds of digestive discomforts pregnancy’s known for.
3.Fatigue. This is a no-brainer: The more weight you’re dragging around, the more you’re likely to drag. Fatigue can also increase with the extra energy an expectant mom of multiples expends (your body has to work twice as hard to grow two babies). Sleep deprivation can also wear you out (it’s difficult enough to settle down with a watermelon-size belly, let alone one that’s the size of two watermelon).
4.All Those Other Physical Discomforts. Every pregnancy comes with a share of aches and pains; your twin pregnancy might just come with a little more than it’s share. Toting that extra baby can translate to backache, pelvic twinges, crampiness, swollen ankles, varicose veins, you name it. Breathing for three or more can also seem an extra efforts, especially as your babies get big enough to push up on your legs.
5.Fetal Movement.  Though every pregnant woman might feel at some point that expecting an octopus, the eight limbs you’ll be carrying will really pack a punch. Make that many punches, and kicks.
Whether  the pregnancy ends up bestowing you with double the discomforts or not, one thing’s for sure – it’ll also bestow you with twice the rewards. Not bad, for nine months’ work.

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