5 Latest Techniques For The Bedroom

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It is believed that the technique has no place in the bedroom – is distracting, sets a working mood, interfere with sleep. But if you get serious, you can find a lot of it is conducive to sleep equipment!

Relax in a TV bed with extreme comfort and state of the art technology at the push of a button, this TV Bed Store offers different options to fit your budget and needs.

1.Musical Bear

Of course, it’s time to rid of the soft toys, but this kid is not so much bear as device, and therefore it can buy yourself an adult and independent person. Small, cute and fluffy Teddy MP3 gently lull you, the beast is integrated mp3-player with the memory of one gigabyte. In the legs – buttons to control the player and speaker built right into the toy animals. It sounds scary, but very pleasant sensations: a quiet meditative music included, hugged the bear and instantly fell asleep.

2.Home moon

A resident of the city and does not occur to follow the lunar cycle, and yet the show is informative and interesting. Hanging in his room night light Moon In My Room, you’ll not only sleep sweetly in the dim light of the cozy, but you can refresh your knowledge of astronomy – the device is attached to an information drive. And “Sunrise” is a moon itself, thanks to the integrated sensor darkness.

3.Sneaky alarm clock

It’s not that bad, it’s just very clever. Once the time comes you wake up, Clocky alarm clock starts ringing, and at the same time includes a motor and made “run” across the room, escaping the hands of the carotid mistress. Until vylezesh from under the warm blankets and you can not catch, he will not rest. Developers should consider another aspect of master-clock relations: many of us, that they must be confessed, not against the run hourly instrument of torture into the wall. To protect the two-wheeled baby from harm in such a scenario, manufacturers have made it a shock-resistant. Can not sleep!

4.Fragrant night light

Aromatherapy Night Frog – an excellent option for those who like a dream run in the flower fields. Enough to drip a little light on this favorite aromatic oil, and the whole room is filled with delightful fragrance. Want to relax quickly – to give preference to lavender, prefer erotic dreams – choose patchouli.

5.Net work

Washing machine Whirlpool Green Generation with Technology Zen – real salvation for the inhabitants of small apartments. If in your bathroom with a hard shell, and even put a shower, a wash of pleasure at the same time with loved ones because of lack of space, you can forget you can put quite a miracle machine straight into the bedroom. In the special mode “night washing” it is very quiet, not howling and rattling. And if the living space just a little, it is theoretically possible to sleep on it!

Keep in mind, an attempt to hide the laptop in bed or even a portable DVD-player – is still a crime against sleep and rest!

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