5 Signs That A Man Likes You

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How do you know if a guy likes you or is interested. Here are five signs that he is interested in you too. If any of the following happens, he is probably trying to get close enough to ask you out:

1. He squared his shoulders

In your presence, he pulls the stomach begins to stretch or biceps? It is believed that at the level of animal instincts, he is trying to draw your attention to his “perfect musculature” and put himself at its best. Alternatively, he can straighten his back (“stand taller.”)

2. He’s waiting for you

He “accidentally” constantly encountered in your way. Even if you are not neighbors and do not work together, you regularly see him nearby. Men are willing to take long to find their favorite girl and wait for hours just to see her.

3. He kept his eyes on you

He carefully examines you. Guys are notorious in keeping their eyes on multiple girls, even when they are on a date. But when a guy is really interested in you, he will be maintaining eye contact with only you and paying attention to whatever you say.

4. He asks you

He is interested in your life. And this interest is not confined to a polite “how are you?”. If a guy likes you he will want to the details about your life including the personal ones.

5. He tries to enter your social circle

If he is familiar with your friends and want to talk to them, please them and possibly win their trust, he care about you.

These are the five signs that he is interested and he is on the verge of asking you out. Make it easy for him and be friendly. This is where relationships begin. There’s also plenty of advice on the internet for single women looking for love.

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