5 Ways Of Enjoying Sex More, Even If You’re Doing It less

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Good, lasting sexual relationship are rarely build in a day (or even a really hot night). They grow with practise, patience, understanding, and love. This is true, too, of an already established sexual relationship that undergoes the emotional and physical changes of pregnancy. Here are a few ways to “stay on top”:
1. Enjoy your sex life instead of analyzing it. Seize the movement as you seize each other. Don’t focus on how frequently or in frequently you are having sex (quality is always more important than quantity, but specially when you’re expecting) or compare prepregnancy sex with your sex life now (they’re two different animals and, for the matter, so are both of you).
2. Accentuate all the positives. Think of making love as good physical preparation for labor and delivery – specially true if you remember to do your Kegels during intercourse. (Not many athletes have this much fun in training.) Think of sex as relaxing – and relaxation is good for all involved (including baby). Think of the roundness of your pregnant body as sensual and sexy. Think of everyembrace as a chance to get closer as a couple, not just a chance to get closer to closing the deal.
3.  Get adventurous. The old position don’t fit anymore? Look at this as an opportunity to try something new (or a lot of somethings new). But give yourselves time to adjust to each position you try. You might even consider a “dry run” – trying out a new position fully clothed first, so that it’ll be more familiar (and you’ll be more successful) when you try it for real.
4.  Keep your expectations within reality’s reach. Pregnant sex presents plenty of challenges, so cut yourself some slack in the sack. Though some women achieve orgasm for the first time during pregnancy, other women find the big “O” more elusive than ever. Your goal doesn’t have to be mutual fireworks. Remind yourself that getting close is sometimes the best, and most satisfying, part of getting it on.
5. Don’t forget the other kind of intercourse (talking, that is). Communication is the foundation of everyrelationship, particularly one that’s going through life – changing adjustments. Discuss any problem you’re facing as a couple openly instead of trying to sweep them under bed (and instead of taking them to bed ). If  any problem seem too big to handle by yourselves, seek professional help. There was never a better time to work on your twosome than now that it’s about to become a threesome.
Good, bad, or indifferent, remember, too, that every couple feels differently about sex during pregnancy, both physically and emotionally. The bottom line (whether you’re on top, on bottom, side to side, or not doing it at all): What’s normal, as is almost always the case when you’re expecting , is what normal for you and your partner. Embrace that, embrace each other – and try not to sweat the rest.

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