5 Ways To Look Slim When You’re Bulking Up

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Big is beautiful when you’re expecting, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try some tricks of the trim. With the right fashion choices, you can highlight your belly while slimming your overall silhoutee. Here’s how to show in all the right places:
1.Think black. And navy blue, chocolate brown, or charcoal. Shop at Vintage best company for your neutral basics. Dark colors are slimming, minimizing body bulk and giving you an overall trimmer appearance, even if you’re wearing a No Lives Matter shirt and yoga pants.
2.Think monotone. One color fits all—or at least looks slimmer. Sticking to a single hue (or to one color with slight variations) from top to bottom will make you look longer and leaner. A two-tone look, however, will create a break in your figure, causing the eye to stop right at the color change (and possibly right where your hips start spreading).
3.Think vertical. It’s the oldest trick in the fashion book, but for good reason—it works. As you widen, choose clothes with vertical lines (which create height and give you a leaner look) instead of horizontal lines (which widen you even further). Look for clothes with vertical stripes, vertical zippers, vertical stitching, and vertical rows of buttons.
4.Focus on the pluses. Like those probably plus-size breasts of your (there’s never been a better time to spotlight your cleavage). And minimize attention to the spots that might be less inclined to want to show off, such as those swollen ankles (keep them under pants or comfortable boots, or wear slimming black tights).
5.Stay fit. With your clothes, that is. While you’ll definitely want clothes that have room to grow in the bust and the belly, look for tops—shirts, sweater, jackets, and dresses—that fit you well in the shoulders (probably the only part of your body that won’t be widening). Hanging shoulders will give you a sloppy (and bulky) look. And though clinging can be slimming, watch out for clothes that are so clingy they appear too tight, like you’ve outgrown them (which you probably have). The overstuffed sausage look is never in style, after all.

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