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  1. Yudha says:

    There are no more risks based upon iancrraeitl children. My suggestions? If you are on the pill you should go off it now and use other forms of birthcontrol until you are ready to conceive. Go ahead and start taking prenatal vitamins and a folic acid supplment. If you don’t eat healthy START. You should also get plenty of exercise, walking is great especially when you are pregnant so start now if you don’t already. If you smoke, stop now. If your husband smokes ask him to quit. Make your home a no smoking zone to everyone who comes over. Nothing wrong with having a drink now and again, but limited and once you are pregnant NEVER!Once the child arrives, if you can breastfeed him/her, you will never regret it!Now, stop stressing about it. A great source for child development is Dr. Sears. I’d recommend purchasing his books. Also, take your concerns to your OB/GYN and start shopping for a good pediatrician.

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