6 Interesting Facts About Bottled Water

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    1. An estimated 25 percent of bottled water is actually filtered tap water.
    2. Mineral water is often high in sodium. Getting the right mineral water that’s isotonic is best for hydration.
    3. Unlike municipal water supplies, bottled water may not contain enough fluoride to protect against cavities.
    4. It’s not a good idea to reuse plastic water bottles. Washing and reusing them over and over may accelerate the breakdown of the plastic, increasing your exposure to potentially harmful chemicals.
    5. Check the bottling date and best-before date to find out how fresh the water is. Bottled water normally contains low numbers of harmless bacteria, but if the water is stored for long periods at room temperatures, these bacteria can multiply rapidly. It’s best to store the water in a cool place.
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    Thanks for sharing, did you know that drinking too much water can give you limescale on your teeth.

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