6 Things Women Can Do Better Than Men

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From handling finances to grooming themselves women seem to rule men in more than just one task!

Gender bias has always been a bone of contention between men and women, probably ever since humans evolved. But, in the modern times, men and women are almost on an equal footing. How much ever our society boasts of men as superior sex, you cannot grudge the fact that women can do a lot of things better than men. Here are six such irrefutable facts.

woman vs man

woman vs man

  1. Women handle stress better.  You cannot negate the fact that women do handle stress better than men. Oh yes, they break out into an emotional gush of tears in crisis situations. But once the tears abate, a woman can think more clearly and is more composed in times of adversity. Studies in the United States of America have shown that when men and women were stressed to a similar degree, women perform better in intelligence tests. The basic survival instinct is much stronger in a woman, after all she is the propagator of her species. Her genes force her to fight for survival, which drives her to handle stress better.
  2. Women are better at sustaining relationships.  You don’t see a lot of women suffering from “commitment-phobia”, do you? A woman, owing to the psychological benefit gifted to her by nature, strives to uphold her relationships. She forms relationships sooner and when she is serious about them, she gives them everything. Also, being more sensitive, a woman can perceive the needs of a relationship better than men and act accordingly. Call her sentimental if you will, but when it comes to enduring relationships, women have an upper hand.
  3. Women are better at communicating.  Women are more verbal than men, they speak out their mind openly and do not mind shedding a tear or two if the moment demands. A woman definitely does not cut off communication in case of conflict, turn a deaf ear or act indifferent (which is the most common male response). Science has proved that a woman’s brain can process and analyse a lot more words, feelings and emotions than a man’s brain can. Since she understands better, she is able to communicate better.
  4. Women have sharper memory. After watching a movie, a woman is better at remembering the costumes, hairstyles, makeup of actors, the set of the film and just about everything. This is not just because she pays more attention to appearances. A woman has an inbuilt system which gives her better memory from sight.
  5. Women are better at grooming themselves.  Even in this age of metrosexual men, women are better groomed than men. They are more careful about personal hygiene. This does not refer to external appearance such as makeup, dress or accessories. Just think about who has got cleaner toenails and you will understand what we mean.
  6. Women are better with finances. Women are more careful, more attentive and more guarded about finances. There have not been as many cases of rash investment and financial losses with women as there have been with men. This is probably the reason why households run so smoothly in India when compared to many other countries in the world because here, it is usually women who manage household budgets.

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