6 Tips For Decorating Bedroom In Sexy Style

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The colors, smells, lighting, texture – it’s something that can magically enhance sexual arousal. How to use these “aphrodisiacs” when you make a bedroom? Whether you plan to move to a new house or thinking of renovating the existing one, painter and decorator Dublin are available anytime anywhere.

1. Aromatic plants and flowers

A recent study found that women are more creative ingenuity, surrounded by popular indoor plants. Choose bedroom classic room rose, which improves mood through the provision of phenylethylamine, or surround the bed of lavender and lily of the valley. Aromas of these plants, according to American researchers, more than other floral scents excite men. By the way, to increase sexual desire can be applied to essential oils .

2. Correct textiles for the bedroom

When choosing textiles for the bedroom, use decorator’s advice series “The Tudors.” For violent sex scenes Oman Jenny chose a mixture of noble materials such as velvet and satin.” A luxurious sheen and deep saturated colors, such as a shade of red wine and clove create an atmosphere of sensuality and luxury,” – she said. Ideal for the bedroom becomes a warm brown-red palette. Choosing the same bedding, trust tactile sensations: smooth satin or silk mixed with cotton, will be pleasantly cold during the hot bed battles. You can also learn about the ways to keep mold from forming in a home here. Mold is far from a harmless fuzzy growth; it can be extremely dangerous to your health, especially since many of the most common types of mold can easily become airborne.

3. Low ceilings

A study conducted in 2007 at the University of Minnesota, has proven that high ceilings encourage imaginative thinking, and low to help focus on the details.If your partner is too busy with the process to find an original approach to your “hot spots”, to paint the ceiling a few shades darker than the walls, so they looked below. If the missionary position has become a boring ritual, try the ceiling lighter – shade of roses in addition to the purple walls. You should also consider installing shutters for your home so the light doesn’t come into your room unless you want it to.

4. Chamber illumination

Bright light did not contribute to creating an intimate atmosphere. In the bedroom, it is best to abandon the top-lighting and light fixtures and lamps to prefer the soft scattering shades of plantation shutters, as noted here. Instead of the usual circuit breakers better use of dimmers, which will mute the light of your choice. A friend of Eva Longoria, designer Robert Verdi, advises to pay attention to the colored lights, “pink will soften the room and give the skin a healthy color and the color of amber allows the body to look tanned. Margaret Walch, director of the Association of the United States Colors (Color Association of the United States), agrees: “Pink has a calming effect, while the amber color enhances sexual arousal. You can also put up some neon signs coming from Neon Mama to convey a certain mood for your bedroom.

5. Mirrors and candles

The mirror in the bedroom will allow you to feel erotic heroine of the film. To enhance the visual effect and visual senses arrange the best scented candles around the room, which will create an impressive play of shadows.Best of all, if it will be perfumed with the scent of citrus candles. American researchers claim that the scent of orange can increase blood flow to the penis by 20%.

6. The orange wall

If you want to have rough sex, to paint the walls in the orange color! It perfectly combines and activates the sexual aspects of red and yellow.Physiologically, red is a stimulant, but on a psychological level, it is too aggressive and can irritate. Mix it with sunny yellow and then you’ll feel exhilarated. If all the orange room seems you are too active, limit bright color accent – to paint one of the walls in orange color, such as the one at the head of the bed.

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