7 Ways To Look Sexy

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Proper clothing will make any “gray mouse” in a sexual diva. Dita Von Teese, Charlize Theron and Rihanna knows how to add an image of sex appeal. They know what clothes to choose and how to become sexier  and you can too by visiting top wiki.

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1. Red Dress

Kim Kardashian opted for understated red dress-cases. Despite its simplicity, outfit looks very sexy. Burlesque diva Dita Von Teese has gone completely the other way, wearing a bright Shona Joy Dress in retro style. Red strap attached silhouette form of “hourglass”. You can also wear cheap glasses uk to look more mature.

2. Lace

As the summer of 2011 , the lace does not hand over their positions. However, at this time in fashion is not white, and black lace. 21-year-old star of “Harry Potter” Emma Watson chose a dress with a transparent guipure detail, and her older colleague in the shop , Sarah Jessica Parker would prefer more candid dress with transparent lace top.

3. Corset

Corset can work wonders. This article of clothing can hide too much of the breast or the opposite – to emphasize the dignity of a small bust. Such abilities corset, for sure, guess actress Jennifer Aniston and the sexiest woman in 2011 Rihanna, which are often put on this exciting subject of clothes. Rihanna decided to combine white corset with wide open classic trousers. Jennifer Aniston has chosen a more private option, compensating for her modesty sexual mini-skirt.

4. The cut on the skirt

There is nothing sexier than slender female legs, peering out of the cut skirts. And it proved Charlize Theron, preferring understated black dress with a deep voice and a seductive slit at the hem. Actress Evan Rachel Wood has selected midi-dress with long sleeves. In such an outfit you can safely go to work, and kill, brooch, where begins the cut – to the restaurant.

5. Cut on the chest

To look sexy, not necessarily completely denude the chest – this technique is gone. Better to take an example from Gwyneth Paltrow and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, who expressed a preference for a minimalist, along with a piquant detail – close-cut “keyhole.”

6. Open back

Dress with open back look impressive and very sexy, especially if his owner watches posture and not allow themselves to slouch. To emphasize the elegance of the back, singer Cheryl Cole wore a dress decorated with strips of cloth behind. And Keira Knightley, included in the list of most thin celebrities are not afraid to once again demonstrate the fragile body, choosing a romantic dress with open back strongly.

7. Silk

With a silk shirt, you can create a sexy image, as did Heidi Klum. The supermodel wore a black silk blouse and trousers with strong hair gathered in a loose bun, at Diane Bailey Designs St Simons Island you can find the necessary items to build this outfit.

Eva Longoria opted for a blue silk suits, which, like a black blouse, Heidi, said gently bending the body. If you’re looking for beautiful silk clothes, Nihal Fashions Indian Clothes is a great store that has unique silk pieces of clothing. Check out https://rosefulbright.com/ for more beautiful silk nightwear.


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