8 Best Home Gym Exercise Equipment

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In this current years, home gym have become very famous. Having a gym at home is a great way to exercise whenever you want and however you want without going outside. Here is some exercise equipment that can be perfect for your home.

1. Stepper

Type of load: cardio plus power.

This home trainer may well become the leader of our list. Compact, inexpensive and effective. If you throw a train, it will quietly gather dust under the bed.

Stepper simulates the movement on the stairs. On the one hand – it’s cardio (the most effective way to lose weight, but must go at least 40 minutes), on the other – power: train calves, glutes, hamstring.

Star choice: the family of Jackson’s not the glory of God. Pop king Michael suffered from the fact that he was born black, his sister Janet – of what has grown plump. Singer so pace yourself diets that doctors seriously feared for her health. In the end, for it was developed a special clinical nutrition, and overweight Miss Jackson was the fight in the gym, where  she was particularly fond of stepper, with an hour walk to where she starts playing sports.

It is important to remember that the simplest stepper – a mechanical one. Stepper with handles, takes up more space but is equipped with calorie counter, pedometer, can set the rhythm of walking. Steppers are also an independent mode of operation of pedals and with a dependent way. The first, of course, can train more effectively. In case you use this exercise at the gym and result injured, you might be entitled for a compensation. To learn more about this check this article about what premises liability covers.

A little secret – the closer you stand to the bottom of the pedal, the greater the load.

2. Ellipse

Type of load: cardio plus power.

The same stepper, only better but more expensive. Elliptical trainer can walk back and forth while working with his hands – the device has handles. Thus worked out the back muscles, arms and chest.

Star choice: Halle Berry has actively supported the excellent physical shape, even during pregnancy: it swimming, yoga and practiced on the ellipse. Its harmonious, slim figure – a perfect example of the effectiveness of the projectile.

It is important to remember that if you want to repeat the feat Halle, be sure to check with your doctor, during pregnancy.

3. Track

Type of load: cardio.

This machine – the best clothes hanger. With him still may pokonkurirovat bike, but he will stay on the sidelines.

But seriously, the race – it is a natural exercise, in contrast to, for example, from yoga. Because in ancient times, people to catch and eat the mammoth, not getting up in the position of “dog face down,” and ran, ran, ran.

Star choice: celebrity fans of the sport – a small car and track. Adept of this type of exercise – Renee Zellweger. The actress, in spite of the millions earned, not terribly want to turn into a life of Bridget Jones, so that the paparazzi every now and then caught it on the jogging – in Paris, then in New York. Renee herself admits that after the shooting in “Bridget Jones’s Diary” for 2 hours spent on the treadmill.

Thank you for your slender waist and firm ass treadmill does not get tired to speak and Jessica Alba, who, with enviable regularity falls in the ranking of most-and the cover of Men’s Journal. After giving birth, the actress four times a week running, pedaled on a stationary bike and doing exercises with dumbbells.

It is important to remember that the tracks are mechanical and electrical. The first are cheaper and do not consume electricity. Second – make the workout more efficient, but will eat a decent portion of the budget. Third, hire an online running coach to help you set and reach daily goals. In any case, the main track, not the number of functions like heart rate measurement and calculation of calories, but a system of depreciation, which reduces stress on joints and spine.

4. Boxing pear

Type of load: power.

Generally, in terms of ideas, a boxing bag in the girl’s attic – a thing indispensable. First, it is beautiful. Second, it’s cool. Third, intriguing. Finally, it is a good workout for arms, legs, back muscles and the press. And work with pear helps fight stress. Moreover, even if not present in its place an unpleasant person.

Star choice: Jennifer Lopez, owner of feminine forms, and at the same time firm and toned figure, keeps himself in good shape, dancing and studying with the bag. Here’s a versatile personality.

It is important to remember that gloves for boxing chosen by weight, which is measured in ounces. The girls are best to buy gloves weighing 8.10 ounces. What they are heavier, the better to protect the hand from injury, was quenched by the blow. Leather last longer and have fewer sweat hands, which also reduces the number of injuries.

5. Concussor

Type of load: the vibration.

This intriguing device – a rather attractive simulator. It seems to be a pleasant feel vibrations, and the body gets the perfect shape. However, weight loss, using concussor can not. But you can restore muscle after strength training and make the skin more elastic. Vibrotherapy stimulates blood circulation and lymph flow, improves tissue nutrition, a positive effect on the nervous system.

Star choice among fans of this unit – Madonna. Paparazzi caught her in the department Vibrating, she chose simulator expensive. Singer so much involved in sports, which is a bit of relaxation it can not hurt.

It is important to remember that concussor – a device for sound and very healthy. Contraindications for use – gynecological disease, hypertension, heart problems, gall-stone disease. Before use, do not forget to consult a specialist.

6. Dumbbells

Type of load: power.

With dumbbells you can work out different muscles. And another good news. Although fight against body fat more efficiently with the help of this, power also helps to become leaner. The more muscle (this does not mean that you will be like Arnold Schwarzenegger with the breast), the more energy they need. That is a strong man lose weight faster!

Star choice: Sigourney Weaver, an actress, you’re afraid to “strangers” of the universe, many years of experience with dumbbells and a barbell. In the love of dumbbells do not just accept the actress Demi Moore and Jessica Biel, Justin Timberlake won the heart.

It is important to remember that as the training load should be increased gradually. Therefore it is better to buy collapsible dumbbells. Among other things, a pancake on it’s convenient to press the lid when cooking certain dishes.

7. Platform Wii fit

Type of load: cardio, power, stretching, balance.

About Nintendo Wii Fit already been told. Place is small, and the bar turns into a game. In the console menu, you can choose the most different kinds of exercise – yoga, strength exercises, running and even tennis. With the Wii you can dance, work with children and even pets …! In addition, the console thinks the calories, watching weight, is the optimal training program. Well, except that the juice of celery do not squeeze!

Star choice: the name of “attachment”, apparently confused by many stars, because they rarely admit that they are doing on the Wii. But two lucky stars were not afraid to tell my mother to hear, not away with the children to arrange a fitness day with Nintendo. One of them – the famous Russian tennis player Anastasia Myskina, and the second – Angelina Jolie! Interestingly, Bredushka Pitt is involved in these games?

It is important to remember that the dumbbells do not ask for batteries, and a treadmill does not go infinite number of new games and accessories per year. So be ready that soon after the purchase you want to buy another drive, another panel. And so – forever!

8. Fitbol

Type of load: power, on balance, stretching.

This simulator – an indispensable thing for those who have problems with joints and spine. Exercises on the ball exclude trauma, can stretch and relax the smooth muscles. The last – it is very important in case of problems with back. In addition, for a special fitbol set of exercises from yoga. And it can be used as a chair …. Also, incidentally, is very helpful for the spine.

Star choice: girls on the ball can rightly be called an actress Mena Suvari and singer Christina Aguilera. Both believe fitbol-effective and fun exercises.

It is important to remember that choosing gymnastic balls for growth – the higher, the more you should be the diameter of the simulator.

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