8 Ways To Look 10 Years Younger

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Be strong! Power load caution and slow down the aging process. Exercises with dumbbells and barbell burn intraabdominal fat, which is very dangerous and leads to cardiovascular disease. Strength training build muscle, and they, in turn, burn fat throughout the day.

1. Be sun!

Sunshine vitamin D reduces the risk of cancer, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes. So do not hide from the sun’s ray and often go out into the fresh air!

2. Be heart!

Help your heart! Only 30 minutes walking a day will establish your cardiovascular activity and hypertension are not afraid of you.

3. Be soft!

Do not forget to moisturize your skin. So it extends the youth and prevent eczema. If you’re interested in reading others’ stories on how they fought eczema, check out My Eczema Recovery.

4. Whether it juicy!

To reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease – drink apple juice. Two cups a day – scientifically proven.

5. Be careful!

Enjoy nature, and strengthen your memory. Landscapes (rather than the dusty streets) allow your brain to rest and sort through everything.

6. Be reasonable!

Rapid heartbeat (over 80 and beats per minute) entails obesity and diabetes. Daily exercise, almonds and blueberries – the main enemies of tachycardia.

7. Be funny!

Chew gum and blew bubbles as a kid! It turns out that this unpretentious exercise reduces stress and improves mood.

8. Be bright!

Applying ordinary hair color can change the world. Your world. You feel attractive, sexy – and therefore happier. A happy hormones are known to prolong life!

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