8 Ways To Relieve Stress

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When people talk about stress, they are usually referring to tension or emotional distress.Medically, however, stress is defined as any condition or situation that places undue strain on the body.


  1. Make sure you eat regular and healthful meals; several small meals may work best.
  2. For a few minutes each day, sit quietly with your eyes closed.
  3. Exercise regularly to increase the production of endorphins, brain chemicals that lift mood.
  4. Listen to your favorite music; it, too, increase endorphins levels.
  5. Learn a relaxation technique, such as yoga, meditation, or deep-breathing exercises.
  6. Make a things-to-do list for the day; arrange the items by importance. Do an item at a time; move undone ones to the next day’s list.
  7. Consider having a pet; stroking an animal can help you relax.
  8. Share your problems with a family member, fried, or counselor.

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