9 Tips For Those Who Want To Have A Baby

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Rule one.

Most importantly, what is required for men is his sperm was moving. The fact that the male gamete all your “fuel …Therefore, man must properly prepare in advance, at least the last two weeks before the decisive intercourse.To do this it must be properly fed:In the preparatory diet consists of meat, any nuts, vitamin E succinic acid (which improves the overall metabolism). Such a diet increases the mobility of sperm.

In addition, before the man lies in bed for conception, it has 2 – 3 days to abstain from sexual intercourse. Abstinence need to accumulate the necessary amount of sperm and semen that has had time to mature. To prove the necessity of abstinence for their patients, experts usually lead to the sexual practice known case. The American couple has long suffered from infertility. It turned out that the desire to have children was so great that they worked on it two or three times a day. Once the doctor has forbidden him to engage in overkill, the Americans were able to conceive oversexed child.

Second Rule.

Sexual intercourse is the purpose of conception should be a single! The first intercourse – the most critical. Everything else is actually delivered only pleasure. This is a scientific explanation. During the first sexual intercourse is the largest concentration of sperm. After that the concentration decreases by 2 times. And then, as a joke specialists, will be one of the water.

Third Rule.

Once there was ejaculation, the penis must immediately withdraw from the vagina, so as not to sprinkle a puddle of semen. Then the probability of conception is much higher.(Incidentally, the same rule must be followed, and on another occasion – unless the man has some inflammation, the excess time spent in the vagina increase the risk for a woman.)

Rule Four.

If you really want to have a child, preferably during sexual intercourse to orgasm a woman not to bring. The fact is that during orgasm the cervix is ​​lifted and the sperm, as climbers have to conquer this peak, a pass once the path is known, even men do not like.If intercourse is performed without an orgasm, the cervix is ​​left in place, a puddle of semen easily covers the entrance to it, and the sperm penetrate freely. However, some women claim sexologists that conceived at the peak of ecstasy with mutual sexual partner. But this is only their personal fantasies. In such cases, experts, laughing, just shrug their shoulders as if to say, luck, and thank God.

Rule Five.

It is very important to choose the right time of conception. Usually in the middle of the cycle a woman is more fertile. At this time the egg is mature. Days can be calculated from the basal temperature which is measured as known in the anus. Besides two days of ovulation (maturation of female ova) fertile 5-6 days prior to believe it – so many days sperm lives, waiting for the “bride” and all this time he has capacity.Within 6 days after ovulation is also possible to become pregnant, because all this time remains a viable female egg.

Previously, in many religions stipulated time when sexual activity is strictly prohibited. Usually have been banned in 7 days after menstruation. The custom is strictly observed: from a woman demanding to produce a clean sheet, which meant the end of the month. And that was the starting point of the forbidden time. Therefore, the peak of sexual activity falls in the middle of the cycle when the probability of conception was highest. Thus religion strictly and categorically instructed women become pregnant. However, there are cases when a woman is pregnant during menstruation. Experts believe this is a failure in the loop.

Rule sixth.

Before intercourse, the woman would be nice to prosprintsevatsya soda solution. The fact is that often it is inflammation, which she does not even know. Because it forms an acidic environment, which is very harmful to the health of sperm – they just die in it. Soda neutralizes the acidic environment which may be in the vagina, due to hidden inflammation.

Rule seventh.

After ejaculation, all of the processes occurring in a woman’s body in order to help them be sure to soak 20-30 minutes, and not run into the shower or anywhere else. It is desirable to lie down, keeping your knees to your chest, as if a woman bending of the uterus – the stomach, these provisions help the cervix maximum contact with the sperm located there.

Rule eighth.

It is very important for conception to choose the right pose. Among them are those who contribute to pregnancy, and vice versa. True choice in favor of pregnancy is small: – this should be a classic pose, that is in the supine position. Standing in pregnancy is extremely difficult: simply pour out all liquid. In general, all non-classical poses are not very useful for pregnancy. Well, for fun, you can choose what you want.In this rule there are exceptions. If a woman bending of the uterus, the sexual act should be in position “behind”. Lying on his stomach or leaning on your knees – do not matter.

Rule ninth.

After sexual intercourse relax, turn away from everything. And such a sublime state of detachment, to save the next two to three days. If that fails and the woman will be in waiting for a restless, nervous state, it is better to take valerian.

Experts advise to be in a state of euphoria is not accidental. It is necessary that there was no violation of the contractile activity of the fallopian tubes. They are known to promote sperm to their destination. If the potential mother overly worried pipe improperly reduced and do not promote sperm. The consequences may be unpleasant, either not going to happen a long-awaited – fertilization, or it will be an ectopic pregnancy. At all stages, it is also desirable to control myself as a potential mother and potential father to take a positive attitude and do not be nervous. Fresh air and sleep will help you with this.

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  1. mai says:

    thank you!i’ve learned many ideas.i really wanna have a baby!thank you very much.(^O^)/

  2. keneuoe says:

    we try to have a baby since last year till today but nothing happened can you please help me i m 27 year old and my husband 31. i use Depo since 2004 till 2010 june i m not sure if is the reason. i try everything. please please help.

    • martha pukutani says:

      ihad that experience also the time i was trying to get pregnant. i used depo a day before my wedding. this took 2 years for me to conceive because the doctor said that my ovaries were immature due to the effects of the depo. I had to use fertility drugs and that same month i got pregnant.

  3. Ayo Ojomu says:

    I am a 48 year old woman recently married to 73year old man. We are trying for babies, what do we do assist conception soonest. Thank you.

  4. Jolly says:

    Priceless. Cant say about the information, but the entertainment value of this article is high!

  5. kgosatsana1272 says:

    I really need some advise please.
    I used fertomid-50gm from 3rd-7th day of my periods. On 2 day after ovulating I had pinkish discharge fr couple of hours and a week before my periods I spotted some very light red blood only once and I always have cramps like am gonna see my periods soon and am on my second week feeling like this

  6. nicole says:

    I am trying to get pregnant me and my man have been having sex every day for litte more then a week and my expected period is in 11 days the waiting to test is killing me and if im not preggies after this im scared i cant get preggies one day

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