A Faint Line On Pregnancy Test

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The only way a pregnancy test can give you a positive result is if your body has a detectable level of hCG running through it (or in this case, through your urine). And the only way that your body can have hCG running through it is if you’re pregnant. Which means that if your test is showing a line, no matter how faint it is – you’re pregnant.

Just why you’re getting a faint line instead of that loud-and-clear line you were hoping for has a lot to do with the type of test you’ve used (some are much more sensitive than others) and how far along you are in your pregnancy (levels of hCG rise each day, so if you test early, there’s only a little hCG to tap into).

To figure out just how sensitive your pregnancy test is, check out the packaging. Look for the milli-international units per liter (mIU/L) measurement, which will tell you the sensitivity of the test . The lower the number, the better (20mIU/L will tell you you’re pregnant sooner than a test with a 50mIU/L sensitivity). Not surprisingly, the more expensive tests usually have greater sensitivity.

Keep in mind, too, that the further along in your pregnancy you are, the higher your levels of hCG. If you’re testing very early on in your pregnancy (as in a few days before your expected period or even a few days after your expected period), there might not be enough hCG in your system yet to generate a no-doubt-about-it line. Give it a couple of days, test again, and you’ll be sure to see a line that’ll erase your doubts once and for all.

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