A Negative Result

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If you’re experiencing the symptoms of early pregnancy and feel, test or no test – or even three tests – that you’re pregnant, act as though you are (by taking pregnant vitamins, avoiding alcoholic beverages, quitting smoking, eating well, and so on) until you find out definitely otherwise. Pregnancy tests aren’t infallible, especially when they’re taken very early. You may well know your own body better than a pee – on – stick test does. To find out if your hunch is more accurate than the tests, wait a week and then try again – your pregnancy might just be too early to call. Or ask your practitioner for a blood test, which is more sensitive to hCG than a urine test is.

It is possible, of course, to experience all of the signs and symptoms of early pregnancy and not be pregnant. After all, none of them alone – or even in combination – is absolute proof positive of pregnancy. If the tests continue to be negative but you still haven’t gotten your period, be sure to check with your practitioner to rule out other biological causes of your symptoms. If those are ruled out as well, it’s possible that your symptoms may have emotional roots. Sometimes, the mind can have a surprisingly powerful influence on the body, even generating pregnancy symptoms when there’s no pregnancy, just a strong yearning for one (or fear of one).

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