Abdominal Aches

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What you’re probably feeling is the pregnancy equivalent of growing pains: the stretching of muscles and ligaments supporting your enlarging uterus. Technically, it’s known as round ligament pain, and most expectant moms experience it. But there’s a wide variety of ways to experience it. The pain may be crampy, sharp and stabbing, or achy, and it may be moreĀ noticeable when you’re getting up from bed or from a chair, or when you cough. It can be brief, or it may last for several hours. And it’s completely normal. As long as it is occasional and fleeting, and there are no other symptoms accompanying it (such as fever, chills, bleeding, or lightheadedness), this kind of pain is absolutely nothing to be concerned about.

Kicking up your feet (though not literally) and resting in a comfortable position should bring some relief. Of course, mention the pain—like all pains—to your practitioner at your next visit so you can be reassured that this is just another normal, if annoying, part of pregnancy.

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