Adopted Children Of Hollywood Stars

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Found out who else from Hollwood celebrities raising adopted children. And what makes them tick: compassion or desire to be in the spotlight?

1. Adoption of foster children in Hollywood are not uncommon. Rihanna recently admitted that she wanted to take a child from Haiti. The singer has long dreamed about the kid, but so far there was no men in her life. which could be a worthy father. According to friends of Rihanna, she has been collecting the necessary documents and even chose the future godparents. Theywill be Beyonce and Jay-Z, who are now in a wonderful anticipation of the first-born.

2. The most famous parents of many children Hollywood couple – Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. Jolie and Pitt have six children and only three of them – the family. First child – Maddox, Angelina has adopted in 2002 in Cambodia, where she acted in the movie “The Outer Limits.” After her divorce from ex-husband Billy Bob Thornton, actress received full custody of the child. Zahara Jolie adopt by pitt in 2005 in Ethiopia, when the girls mother died of AIDS. The third child – a Vietnamese Pax hearted couple took into their family in 2007 from a shelter. You can learn more about child support here. Angelina in honor of a numerous family got a tattoo on his left shoulder with the geographic coordinates of the birthplace of her six children.

3. Tom Cruise and his ex-wife Nicole Kidman adopted a daughter Isabella Jane and son Connor Anthony. After the divorce, children have to live with father, but after marrying Katie Holmes and the birth of Suri, felt unnecessary. Nicole Kidman was also busy in her personal life with Keith Urban and paid no attention to  Isabella Thomas. Isabella had found his real mother and wanted to get away from Tom Cruise. But Cruise’s adopted son Connor Anthony Kidman and, conversely, is happy that he has a famous father. The boy had already starred in the movie “Seven Pounds,” where he played the hero Will Smith in childhood, and is going to pursue an acting career.Tom Cruise in the meantime is busy raising his younger daughter Suri.

4. Madonna has adopted a year-old David Banda in Malawi in 2006, when she was still married to Guy Ritchie. Mother of toddler died after giving birth, while his father was so poor that he could not feed her son and put him into a shelter.The history of the second step-child of Madonna was not so simple. Malawi authorities for a long time did not allow her to take four years of Mercy from the orphanage. Once Madonna has filed adoption papers, the biological father showed up the Mersey. He did not want to give the child to the pop diva, asking for money. Madonna filed a request twice, and eventually she was allowed to take away the little girl.Children can easily find the language of Madonna with all her lovers. Recently, a star with Brahim Zaibatom, daughters, Lourdes, and sons Rocco, Mercy and David rested in France.

5. Sharon Stone and her ex-husband Phil Bronstein adopted Roan Joseph Bronstein in 2000. After the divorce, the actress took shelter of the two other boys – Laird and Quinn VONNAS Stone Kelly Stone. Unfortunately, the Sharon and could not give birth to a child: it pregnancy leads to three times miscarriage.

6. Hugh Jackman and his wife Deborra-Lee Furness tried artificial insemination, but the attempt was unsuccessful. Then in 2000 the couple adopted a newborn Oscar Maximilian, and after five years – a girl, Ava Eliot. Hugh Jackman became the present exemplary father of Hollywood , he often walks with the children in the park.

7. Katherine Heigl adopted a girl from Korea. “My daughter Nancy Leigh – wonderful. Her birthday the day before mine. I think it’s a sign from above” – ​​shared joy Catherine.

8. Sandra Bullock  spoke about the adopted daughter after a row with her husband’s betrayal of Jesse James. “The adoption process took us four years with Jesse. Now, our relationship came to an end, but I hope that one day James will manifest itself as a good father. Divorce makes me stronger” – said Sandra. Adopted son of Sandra Bullock Louis Bardot was born in New Orleans, and when he was 3.5 months, the actress took him to her.

9. Meg Ryan adopted a daughter Daisy True from China in 2006. The actress has been negotiating with the services of adoptions during the month. In China, Meg spent eight days and then returned to the U.S. after the girl. “As soon as I saw her, I knew we were related. I always thought that someday i adopt children. This is no less important process than pregnancy”, – confessed Meg. However, the actress and a native son of Dennis Quaid – Jack.

10. Michelle Pfeiffer had to fight for a foster daughter, Claudia Rose. Her mother gave the girl in an orphanage and had no complaints about the actress, but her father decided to earn happiness from native daughter. He demanded 75 thousand dollars from Michelle Pfeiffer for something to give up any claims. However, the court rejected an enterprising parent and left with Claudia Rose foster mom.

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