Are You Headed For A Burnout?

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Hooked on long days and even longer bouts of stress?  Consider this your intervention.

Do you routinely skip your lunch break? When you go to sleep, do you dream of spreadsheets? Do you feel naked without your iPhone? If you answered an emphatic yes to these questions, chances are you’re a bonafide workaholic.

In our fast-placed, plugged-in world, there’s a fine line between wanting to get ahead in your career and being addicted to your job. A Norwegian university has devised a Work Addiction Scale to distinguish between employees who are simply ambitious and those who are genuine workaholics, to beat an addiction like this, check the details of a well known rehabilitation center using the last  link. The scale assesses the kinds of behaviour all addiction (work) to denying it’s a problem at all.

‘Growing globalisation means it’s necessary for some companies to be in constant touch with colleagues in different time zones. ‘These factors, and other, contribute to more employees who are driven to work excessively and compulsively – the definition of an addict.’

And all that work is taking a serious toll on our wellbeing. A US study of Generation Xers found 69 percent think their jobs damages their health, 46 percent believe it harms their relationship with their partner and 50 per cent reckon it means a satisfying sex life is completely out the window.
If you’re concerned that you might be headed this way (or are already there), follow our expert advice on how to make your work, er, work for you.

Red Flags

With deadlines looming daily, you might have missed the warming signs that a burnout is on the horizon. Take a minute or two to consider how you’re actually feeling. ‘Look out for red flags like not having time to eat or even go to the loo; feeling anxious and panicky all the time; consistently working till 10 pm; using cigarettes or alcohol to help you relax, and finding it difficult to sleep because your head is spinning.’

And, while workaholic tend to ignore any suggestions from family and friends to clock off, it’s important to listen to the people who know you best. ‘If your friends and family mention they don’t see you as often as they used to, you’re always preoccupied with work (even when you’re doing non-work activities) and you feel guilty if you’re not working, it’s time to address the lack of balance’.

Striking a healthy work/life balance is easier said than done, but it’s crucial for your health, your happiness and your relationships. ‘You can’t pull all your energy into one area of your life and expect a balance to exist’. ‘If you want to maintain healthy relationships, you need to really nurture them.’

As well as finding time to chill out with your mates, it’s also important to make time for yourself. ‘Build some downtime into your weekly schedule’. ‘Make an appointment with yourself to read, ride your bike which in case you do not have you can pick up a great quality folding bicycle from under £250 now, like UK brand Ecosmo here.

In the long-term. ‘Meditation will help you relax and de-stress’. ‘It helps you to understand yourself better and connect with what’s important to you.’ See it as an opportunities to dig deep and consider if your work, and work schedule, is truly making you happy or whether it’s time to lighten up.

How To Make A Change?

The good news? You don’t have to hand in your  notice to quit your work habit, just make an effort to change the way you work to reduce the load. Try these top tips to become more efficient and wav goodbye to stress.

  • Plan ‘Planning is absolutely key’. ‘Organise your working day into time boxes, and don’t forget to factor in at least an hour of “reactive time” each day to deal with any unpredictable requests and emails that require immediate attention.’
  • Delegate ‘Some of the world’s most successful people have learnt the art of delegation’. Entrust others with the tasks you set and accept the fact that you can’t do everything – you’re not superhuman!
  • Just Stop This sounds simple, but if you’re feeling your blood pressure rising, step away from your step for a time out. ‘Breathe in as deeply as you can for a count of five and releases, then repeat five times’.
  • Move around. ‘You should be doing about 30minutes of exercise each day’. ‘This release of feel-good endorphins will help keep your mind and body healthy.’ If your to-do list is longer than Cameron Diaz’s legs and you think you simply can’t find time to exercise, remember that keeping fit will actually make you more productive. ‘Ultimately, exercise helps you to get more done by boosting your energy levels and increasing your ability to concentrate’.
  • Step Outside ‘Natural daylight is good for your mental health’, ‘so make sure you get some every single day.’ Don’t ask someone to pick you up a sandwich while you stay glued to your screen-the five minutes it takes to pop out won’t leave you lagging behind. Go to Pret yourself and enjoy the fresh air on your walk there.
  • Get Some Perspective Felling overwhelmed? Take a minute to give yourself a reality check. Ask yourself if filing that report or meeting that deadline is a crucial as you think. ‘Remember that it’s a job!’.

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